1970 Ford XL

Owner: Bill Richards
Member #4609  Ford Galaxie Club

Some 1970 XL's I have found

Serial Number
Convertible 351 W M'dosa Mb
Convertible Winnipeg Mb Yellow/White
Convertible PEI ?/white
0E61Yxxxxx Convertible 390 Washington Yellow/Black
0U61N018284 Convertible 429 Texas Red/White
0E61H?32773 Convertible 351W Pennsylvania 
0U61H102044 Convertible Iowa USA
0U61Y102755 Convertible 390 Idaho USA
0E61Y106485 Convertible 390 Germany Red/White Rudi Supp
0U61H106902 Converible 351W California White/?
0U61Y106699 Convertible 390 Nova Scotia Red/Black
0U61K107102 Convertible 429 Michigan | Indiana | Missouri Gray/White|Red/Black
0J61K10755? Convertible 429 California Gold/Black
0U61K107554 Convertible 429 Green
0J6IK107555 Convertible 429 Florida Black/Black
0U61K108259 Convertible 429     meshal alhesan
0U61H109xxx Convertible 351 W California USA Red/Black
0U61H110476 Convertible Montana USA
0U61H111001 Convertible 351W Missouri White/White
0U61K111260 Convertible 429 New Mexico
0U61H111493 Convertible 351 Iowa Gold Kel Koppen
0U61H113616 Convertible 351 North Carolina Blue Brian Chapman
0U61H113920 Convertible 390 Texas Red/White
0U61Y114418 Convertible 390 Georgia
0U61Y114666 Convertible 390 Ohio Red/White
0E61Y116474 Convertible 390 California | Fla Gold/Tan
0E61K117986 Convertible 429 Pennsylvania White/Black
0U61Y118538 Convertible 390 Oklahoma USA
0U61H119703 Convertible 351W PA Light Blue/White
0U61Y121986 Convertible 390 Texas Yellow/White
0U61Y122550 Convertible 390 Illinois USA Blue/
0U61H123416 Convertible 351W New York | Rhode Island White/Black Mike Tate
0U61Y123898 Convertible 390 Brossard Québec Brown/White Marc Pelchat
0U61N123979 Convertible 429 Idaho Blue/Blue
0U61H124270  Convertible 302 Florida Blue/Black
0U61Y125036 Convertible 390 Florida Primer/White
0U61Y125240 Convertible 390 California For sale Charles Johnson
0U61Y125242 Convertible 351W Indiana
0E61H125468 Convertible Montana
0U61H125469 Convertible 351W New York Lime/White Daniel O'Shea
0U61H125471 Convertible 351W Maryland White/Black
0E61N128097 Convertible 429 California Blue/Black
0U61K130656  Convertible 429 Washington White/Black
0U61H131443 Convertible 302 Washington White/? Jake Osborn
0U61Y133550 Convertible 390 Indiana Red/White
0U61H133785 Convertible 351W Indiana/Illinois Green/Black
0U61K134922 Convertible 429 Kansas Blue/Black Pat Leonard
0U61K137647 Convertible 429 New Jersey
0E61Y138502 Convertible 390 Maryland Black/Black Robt A Guidnot
0U61H138568 Convertible 351W Georgia   Bobby Martin
0U61N138623 Convertible 429 Washington
0U61Y140160 Convertible 390 South Carolina Burgundy/Black
0E61N141002 Convertible 429 UK Blue/Blue lpkbodyshop
0U61N143041 Convertible 429 Wisconsin Green/White
0U61N145402 Convertible 429 California USA
0U61H146273  Convertible 351W New Mexico Brown/White
0U61Y14666? Convertible 390 Ohio Red/White
0U61H147271 Convertible Kansas USA Brown/?
0U61N147540 Convertible 429 Washington Black Jake Osborn
0U61N149091 Convertible 429 Minnesota Tim Taylor
0U61H150632 Convertible 351W California Blue/Black
0U61H154155 Convertible 351W Nevada Light Blue/White Jay Johnson
0U61Y154275 Convertible 390 South Dakota Red/White
0U61H154401 Convertible 351 Ohio Red/?
0U61N155767 Convertible 429 Georgia Red/
0U61Y156910 Convertible 390 Alabama USA Red
0U61H157151 Convertible 351W Utah Red/White Jaremy
0U61H157*** Convertible 351W California Red/White
0U61Y157563 Convertible 390 Virginia Primer
0U61N157991 Convertible 429 Ohio Red/Black
0U61Y159166 Convertible 390 Pennsylvania
0U61H159961 Convertible 351W California Gold/Brown Jeromy Ralston
0U61H160119 Convertible 351W California Red/White
0U61K160974 Convertible 429 St. Louis Mo. Red/White Tom Keenan
0U61H161372 Convertible 351W Sobieski, WI Gold/White Jeff Robinson
0E61K162549 Convertible 429 New York Gold/Black
0U61N162771 Convertible 429 Texas Yellow/White
0U61Y163106 Convertible 390 Wisconsin Red/White mocha1@merr.com
0U61Y164462 Convertible 390 Pennsylvania Yellow/Black
0U61Y165706 Convertible 390 Pennsylvania Blue/? John De Dominicis
0U61H166450 Convertible 351W Illinois Red/Black Tom Starr
0U61Y167012 Convertible 390 Ohio Blue/?
0U61H167225 Convertible 351W Kamloops, British Columbia White/Blue Peter Persad
0U61H167434 Convertible 351W North Carolina Platinum blue/White John McHenry
0E61H169261 Convertible 351W British Columbia Ca.
0U61K169830 Convertible 429 Oklahoma Red/White
0U61N170139 Convertible 429 Colorado USA Yellow
0U61H170225 Convertible 351W Washington USA Red/Black
0U61H170229 Convertible 351W Virginia Red/White Ronald L Rosenthal
0U61H170240 Convertible 351W Missouri
0U61H170285 Convertible 390 Texas Blue/Black
0U61H172462 Convertible 351W South Dakota/ Missouri Red/White
0U61H174423 Convertible 351W New Zealand   Keri Condon
0U61Y175860 Convertible 390 Kansas Red/White
0U61Y176008 Convertible 390 Oklahoma/ Arizona Red/Black
0U61*176127 Convertible Minnesota USA
0U61H178092 Convertible 351W Ohio Yellow/Black
0U61Y178101 Convertible 390 South Dakota White/White
0U61Y178109  Convertible 390 Iowa Brown/White
0U61Y178510 Convertible 390 Idaho Blue/White
0E61H182004 Convertible 351W New York Blue/White Steinar Gulbrandsen
0E61Y184885 Convertible 390 Pennsylvania/Utah Blue/White
0E61H190973 Convertible 351W Arizona Blue/White
0E61N196345 Convertible 429 New Brunswick Canada Blue/White Rick Turner
0E61H197608 Convertible 351W Mississippi Red/White John Motycka
0E61H215543 Convertible 351 W Ontario Canada Red/White Bill Richards
0E61H216944 Convertible 351W Virginia White/Black Theresa Smith
0E61H216956 Convertible 351W Maryland Aquamarine/White George
0E61K222558  Convertible 429 Tennessee Red/Black
0E61H264464 Convertible 351 W North Carolina Red/Black Snowman
0E61Y267693 Convertible 390 Florida Yellow/Black
? Convertible Illinois
? Convertible 390 Denmark Yellow/Black Freddy Jensen
0U61Y?78662 Convertible 390 Wyoming Blue/White
0G60H102948 Fastback 351W USA Tan/Black John McCarthy
0P55K103440 Fastback 429 West Virginia Blue
0D60K104719 Fastback 429 San Antonio Yellow Frank Yeats
0P60K108742 Fastback 429 Kansas/Texas/NY/Ohio/PA/MD Yellow
0N60H126085 Fastback 351 South Carolina Blue
0N60K131902 Fastback 429 Ohio Red
0N60N140194 Fastback 429 Georgia Black
0P62Y145400 Hardtop 390 Florida White
0G60N149849 Fastback 429 Washington White/Black Bill Beyer
0G60Y156038 390 Michigan USA Gold
0J60K159203 Fastback 429 Utah Blue
0G60N161431 Fastback 429 Iowa USA
0P62Y162818 Hardtop 390 Alberta Blue/White
0J60K1661?? Hardtop 429 New Jersey Red
0J60K166171 Hardtop 429 New York Yellow Tony Ragucci
0B60K167656 Hardtop 429 Ohio Yellow
0W55H169664 Fastback 351W North Carolina White
0J62K174242 Hardtop 429 Oregon White
0P60H178549 Fastback 351W Alberta Yellow/Black George Klemen
0P55H185573 Fastback 351 Washington Red
0E55H187767 Fastback 351 Arizona Blue
0G55Y2?6447 Fastback 390 North Carolina Green
0W60Y209577 Fastback 390 South Carolina Brown
0W60Y215355  Fastback 429 Texas Red
0W60Y216355 Fastback 429 Oklahoma USA

1st digit = Year
2nd digit = Assembly Plant.  (A) Atlanta, GA, (B) Oakville, ON,  (C) Chester, (D) Dallas, TX, (E) Mahwah, NJ (F) Dearborn, MI (G) Chicago, IL (H) Lorain, OH (J) Los Angeles, CA (K) Kansas City, (N) Norfolk, VA (P) Twin Cities, MN (R) San Jose, (S) Pilot Plant, MI (U) Louisville, KY (W) Wayne, MI (Z) St Louis, MS.
3rd & 4th digit = Model, 61 = Convertible
5th digit = Motor size. 429 (K,N), 390 (Y), 351W (H),
6th to 11th digits = Sequential production number

Breakdown of total series production of 1970
Ford Custom: 124,443 units
Galaxie 500: 318,339 units
Galaxie XL: 33,599 units and only 6,348 convertibles
Ford XL: XL 1640 units and only 737 convertibles
LTD/Brougham: 373,93 for it units only 96,324 2 door hard tops
850,315 total units produced!

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