James Gilchrist (1797 - 1867)
This family begins with the birth of James Gilchrist  in 1797,
at the Isle of Islay, Argyllshire Scotland. Most of this family will immigrate
to Ontario Canada and spend their lives in or around Woodville,
Victoria Country, Ontario.
I have found "cousins" through the internet that have helped to make
this page possible, so to them, my thanks.

Diane Rogers     her family is in red
Colin Fraser  his family is in blue
Bill Richardsmy family is in purple
Peggy Godlins her family is green
Jim Gilchrist his family is purplish
Ted Larson who family jumps in at John Gilchrist

1.i James Gilchrist b: abt 1797 Isle of Islay, Argyllshire Scotland
                               m: Ann Calder (1804-1862), on Mar 14, 1821, Kildalton, Argyllshire
                               d: Jan 23, 1867, Woodville, Victoria County, Ontario

        2.i William Gilchrist b: March 09, 1824, Cartebus, Kildalton, Argyllshire
        2.ii Donald Gilchrist b: March 20, 1825, Ballihabigan, Kildalton, Argyleshire
        2.iii MargaretGilchrist b: Mar 7, 1828, Kildalton, Islay Scotland
                               1st m: John Gilchrist b: Sep 26, 1803 in Glenegedale, Kildalton
                                                             d: bef. 1851 in Eldon Twnshp, Victoria County,
                3.i. Diana Gilchrist b: Mar 21, 1846 Fenelon,Victoria, Ont
                                               d: 1882
                                        m: Alexander McNabb
                                2nd m: Donald Carmichael b: 1807 Scotland
                                                                     d: 1888 Fenelon Falls Ontario
                3.i Janet Carmichael b: Apr 01,1851, Woodville Victoria County
                                                  m: James Irwin
                3.ii Ann Carmichael b: Jun 30, 1853, Woodville, Victoria County
                3.iii Peter "Alexander" Carmichael b: Jan 5, 1856, Woodville, Victoria County
                3.iv Mary Carmichael b: Mar 24, 1858, Woodville, Victoria County
                                                    d: Mar 19, 1935, Melfort Saskatchewan
                        m: Alexander "Sandy" Graham b: Jan 07, 1861, Woodville Ontario
                                                                           d: Feb 29, 1936, Melfort Saskatchewan
                        4.i Margaret Graham b:Mar 04,1882 Lindsay Ontario
                                                           m: J. A. Bunting died 1911
                                                        rem: ? Hyndman
                                                            d: 1958, buried at Clanwilliam Manitoba
                        4.ii Duncan Graham b: Mar 04, 188,2 Lindsay Ontario
                                                         d: Jul 4, 1916, Clanwilliam Manitoba
                        4.iii Donald "Dan" Graham b: Apr 08, 1883, Lindsay Ontario
                                                                     d: 1962
                        4.iv James Graham b: June 09, 1885,  Lindsay Ontario
                                                        d: 1972, Melfort Saskatchewan
                        4.v Annie Graham b: May 07, 1887, Lindsay Ontario
                                                      d: 1887, Ontario
                        4.vi Diana Graham b: May, 1887, Lindsay Ontario
                                                       d: Jan11, 1902, Clanwilliam Manitoba
                        4.vii Peter Nelson Graham b: May 28, 1891, Lindsay Ontario
                                                                    d: 1962, Minnedosa Manitoba
                        4.viii Janet "Jessie" Graham b: July 02, 1893, Lindsay Ontario
                                                                        d: Nov 23, 1971,  in Clanwilliam MB.
                                m: William Richards (1892 - 1932), Jan 14, 1918 Minnedosa MB
                                5.i Frederick Nelson Richards b: Oct 7, 1919, Manitoba (MB)
                                                                                d: May 30, 1966, Manitoba
                                5.ii Alexander Colin Richards b: July 04, 1922, Manitoba
                                                                                 d: Oct 12, 1990, Manitoba
                                5.iii Harold Mervin Richards b: Jun 07, 1924, Manitoba
                                                                                d: Oct 17, 1973, Kenora Ontario
                        4.ix FarquharAlexander (Lexie) Graham b: Feb 09, 1896, Lindsay Ont
                                                                                           d: 1960, Melfort Saskatchewan
                3.v Margaret Carmichael b: Feb 6, 1863 Woodville Victoria County
                                m: Peter Graham
        2.iv Donald Gilchrist : Jul 24, 1829, Gleugadale, Kildalton Argyleshire
        2.v John Calder Gilchrist b: 1832, Argyleshire Scotland
                                                  d: Mar 18, 1913 Woodville Ontario
                           m: Ann Hunter Campbell (1833 - 1905) Woodville Ontario
                 3.i Margaret Ann "Maggie" Gilchrist b: Jan 07, 1860, Woodville Ont.
                                                                               d: Jul 21, 1944, Vancouver BC
                            m: Lauchlin Gilchrist b: May 05, 1854, Woodville Ontario
                                                               d: Oct 29, 1941, Vancouver BC
                          4.i William Hunter Gilchrist b: Jun 24, 1889, Woodville Ontario
                                                                              d: Nov 1968, Santa Barbara, Ca
                                        m: Jun 26, 1918 San Francisco to Maude Illingsworth
                          4.ii John Duncan Gilchrist b: Jun 04, 1892, Woodville Ontario
                                                                           d: Sep 1981, Vancouver, BC
                                        m: Aug 27, 1919, to Annie M. McKinney
                          4.iii Neil Campbell Gilchrist b: Jun 11, 1894, Woodville Ontario
                                                                              d: Mar 28, 1975 Vancouver BC
                                        m: Sep 08, 1927, Elsie Appleby Clark
                          4.iv Anna Margaret Gilchrist, b: Nov 10, 1896, Woodville Ont.
                                                                                 d: Jan 02, 1954, Nelson BC.
                                        m: Oct 06, 1920, Colin William Fraser Sr, Vancouver BC
                          4.v Lauchlin Gordon Gilchrist, b: Oct 10. 1898, Woodville Ont
                                                                                  d: Oct 18, 1902, Woodville Ont.
                 3.ii William Campbell Gilchrist b: Jun 12, 1861, Woodville Ontario
                                                                          d: Apr 02, 1885, Frog Lake Sask.
                 3.iii Mary Helen Gilchrist b: Feb 19, 1863, Woodville Ontario
                                                                   d: Jul 13th, 1950 Chilliwack, BC
                 3.iv Elizabeth Gilchrist b: Sep 25, 1864, Eldon Twnshp, Victoria County
                                                     d: Apr. 22, 1937
                 3.v Janet "Lillie" Gilchrist b: Dec 05, 1866, Eldon Twnshp, Victoria Co.
                 3.vi John James Gilchrist b: Feb 17, 1869, Woodville Ontario
                 3.vii Sarah "Annie" Gilchrist b: Jun 08, 1872 Woodville Ontario
                        m: Murray Wilson
        2.vi Alexander Gilchrist b: 1834 Woodville Victoria County.
                                                d: May 13, 1872 Woodville Ontario
                    m: Kate Smith  Woodville Victoria County
        2.vii James Gilchrist b: Abt. 1836 Woodville Victoria County
                                          d: Aug 06, 1872 Woodville Ontario
                    m: Jul 3,1862, Catherine Gilchrist  Woodville Victoria County
                        3.i William Gilchrist b: 1864
                        3.ii Duncan Alexander Gilchrist b: Feb. 8, 1867 in Eldon Twp, Ontario
                                                                             d: July 21, 1943 at Elbow Lake, Minnesota
                            m: Barbara Ann McArthur Jan 12, 1893
                                    4.i Sarah (Sadie) Isabelle Gilchrist
                                    4.ii Margaret Rosella Gilchrist
                                    4.iii William James Gilchrist
                                        5.i Forrest Burton(Bud) Gilchrist
                                            6.i James Gilchrist
                                    4.iv John McArthur(Jack) Gilchrist
                                    4.v Malcolm MacMillian Gilchrist
                                    4.vi Catherine (Casie) Gilchrist
                                    4.vii Duncan Alexander Gilchrist Jr.
                                    4.viii Edward Bruce Gilchrist
                        3.iii Ann Gilchrist b: 1868
                        3.iv Margaret Gilchrist b:1871
        2.viii Neil Gilchrist b: abt 1839 Woodville Victoria County
        2.ix Ronald Gilchrist b:abt 1845 Woodville Victoria County
                                            d: Jul 28, 1850 Woodville Victoria County
1.ii Ann Gilchrist b: abt 1802 Argyllshire Scotland
                             d: Jul 21, 1861 Woodville Victoria County, Ontario

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