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Bridging the Years
Bridging the Years tells the history of the Arrow River and Miniota communities from their beginnings to Canada's Centennial.  It is the story of two communities which were founded at the same time, which through the years have retained their own identities.
General Information
Rural Municipality of Miniota
Reeves and Councilors
Municipal School District of Miniota
The Miniota Municipal Telephone System
The Townsite of Rea
The Miniota Farmers' Mutual Fire Insurance Company
Parkissimo Cheese Factory
The Bernardo Boys
Arrow River Aerodome
Virden Health Unit
Hamiota and District Hospital No. 7A
War Records
The Canadian Legion
Miniota Dragoons
The Rifle Association
The Cadet Corps

Arrow River

Pioneer Study of Arrow River
Our First Settlers - The Indians
Arrow River School No. 149
Brighton School
Omar School
Palmerston School No. 638
Life and Work of Arrow River Church 1882-1966
Crandall Church
Arrow River Cemetery
Postal History of Arrow River
Other Businesses
The March of Elevators
Railway Employees
The Arrow River Women's Institute
Arrow River Rinks
Arrow River Hall
Growth of Youth Activities
Farmers Institute


Wheatfields of Miniota
The Agricultural Society
The Horticultural Society
The Miniota Boys' and Girls' Clubs
The Founding and Growth of Miniota Village
Early Churches and Groups
            Presbyterian, Methodist, United, and Anglican Churches
            Holy Trinity W.A, United Church Sunday School, United Church Women's        Organization, Baby Band, Mission Band, Explorers, Church Boy's Groups.    Young Peoples Society, Scouts & cubs, Rangers, Guides, & Brownies.
            First School of Miniota
            Sarahville School District
            Miniota Consolidated School District
            Glenlochar School
            Two Creeks School
            Wynona School
            Early Lodges
          Knights of Macabees
          Knights of Pythias
          Masonic Lodge
            Lodge Gordon S.O.E.
            Parkissimo I.O.O.F.
            Daughters of England

Organizations and Societies
Miniota Local Hospitals and Nurses
Post Office
Manitoba Poultry and Dairy Pool
Milk Delivery
Law and Order
Local Utilities

Family Histories

Aikens, Ab.
Albright, H.L.
Allonby, Family
Andrews, Charles
Andrushuk, T.
Antcliffe, John
Argue, Clarence Martin
Armitage, H.D. Family
Armstrong, Rev. Gilbert Lawrence
Armstrong-MacKee Family
Aspinwall, Arthur E.
Attwood, Hector E.
Aylward, Wm.
Ayres, Enos. 

Babuik, mrs. Samuel
Babuik, Ed.
Bacon, Elija
Bagshawe, Charles
Baker, Kelton
Banning, Charles
Barrett, William A.
Barrett, W.C.
Barrett, William Edgar
Baubie, Metro
Beard, Charles David & Sarah Anne
Beattie, John
Beer, James W.
Bennett, Frank
Berwick, L.W.
Berwick, W.D.
Bieber, Philip
Birch, Samuel Wm.
Bird, Arthur Durham
Bissett Family
Bjornson, Dr. Sveinn Eriksson
Black, Matthew McKenzie
Blaich, Oswald
Blandy, Herbert Alfred
Blelloch, David
Bohrn, Frank
Bonner, James Wallace
Bonner, Joseph
Bovar, Thomas
Bowles, Ernest William
Bowles, Fred
Boyce, Charles
Boyce, James
Bradford, Arnold M.
Brown, David
Bruce George Sr.
Bruce, George Frederick
Bruce, Herman
Bryant, Charles Richard
Bryant, Leonard
Bryant, Leslie George
Bryant, Paul & Elizabeth
Bryant, Reg C.
Bryant, Silas Charles

Bryant, Walter John
Burr, Peter William 

Cameron, Peter
Campbell, David John
Carnegie, Ernest
Carnegie, Jim
Caskey, Rev. A.D.
Castle, Harry
Chalmers, Dr. Robert Kennedy
Chapman, Arnott
Clarke, Herbert
Clarke, John W.
Clegg, R.E. & Son
Clyde, A.D.
Colby, George Edward
Cole, George Sr.
Collier, Walter John
Collingwood, Robert
Conover, John
Conway, Thomas Family
Cook, Jack
Cooper, Bert
Cooper, James
Copland, Thomas Cook
Corkhill, W.H. 
Corely, Charles
Cornish, George
Coultry, Bert
Cowan, William
Cox, Douglas & Leslie
Craig, Angus Family
Craig, Charles
Crandall, Dr. Bryan
Currie, Brodie
Curry, Luther
Curry, Maurice
Currie, Roy
Cusack, Henry
Cusack, Sam
Dahlgren, Dwight Family
Dales, Sheldon Walter
Dart, William Herbert
Dawley, Charles
Deans, David
Deans, Thomas
Desmond, John
Dibblee, George
Dickie, John
Dixon, Rev. Earl S.
Dixon, Samuel G.
Dorward, Conway Alexander
Dorward, William Larnach
Douglas, Donald
Dowell, H.G.
Draper, L.
Dumbrell, William Herbert
Dyck, Dave
Dyck, John
Eagland, Harry Frith
Ellerington, Charles W.
Ellerington, Christopher Sr.
Ellerington, Chris

Ellerington, Thomas Charles
Elliott, George
Elliott, James M.
Elliott, James
Elliott, James (Sonny)
Elliott, Janet (Jessie) Tait
Elliott, William
Erskine, John
Evans, James Lloyd
Evans, Joseph L.
Evans, William & James
Ewing, James 

Ferguson, John
Ferguson, Ross
Fleming, Clare
Fleming, History
Fleming, John
Forsyth, Family
Foster, John
Franklin, Fred
Fraser, Family
Fraser, Dr. John Henry 

Gardham, Frank Sr.
Gardham, Frank Jr.
Gardham, Harry Bateman
Gerrand, Arthur
Gerrand, David
Gertz, Emil
Gibbings, Harvey W.
Gibbon, Hugh
Gibbon, William
Gilchrist, David Family
Gilchrist, Larry
Glichrist, William
Gooden, Frank W.
Goodman, Bert
Goodwin, Charles Sr.
Goodwin, Charles Martin
Graham, James
Grant, George Thompson
Grant, William John Hedison, Kathleen Mary
Greenfield, James
Grey, W. T.
Griffiths, S.A.
Groat, John
Groves, Albert & Phoebe
Gunn, Cecil
Gurr, Albert E.
Gurr, Amos 

Hadden, Gordon
Haines, P.
Hall, George
Ham, Samuel
Handley, William
Hanlin, Alexander Munro
Hanlin, John M.
Harrower, J.D.


Hawes, Robert
Hemming, Thomas Percival
Henderson, J.J.
Hill, Archibald Charles
Hill-Sunley Clan, The
Hill, D.J.
Hoar, G.
Hobson, H.
Hodgins, Charles N.
Hodnett, Allan Sinclair
Hodnett, L.S.
Hodnett, W.L.
Horner, Joseph William
Horner, Thomas Leslie
House, Ernest
Howard, Whitfield
Howard, William Family
Hunkin, Glen
Hunkin, L.M.
Hurlin, W.H.
Hyndman, Family

Iles, Percy
Ironsides, James
Irwin, Robert Aubrey
Isles, William 

Jackson, James
Jarvis, Thomas H.
Jarvis, William E.
Johnson, Clarence
Johnson, Harry
Johnson, Morgan
Johnston, J.F.M.
Jolley, Albert
Kaszuba, Family
Kelly, Mrs. Duncan
Kerr, Archibald
Kidd, Robert
Kingdon, Harvey
Kirkland, H.S.
Kirton, W. Hewitt
Knowles, John 

Lancaster, Tom
Leary, Frank Sr., Mr. & Mrs.
Leary, F. Jr. 
Lelond, Albert, Mr. & Mrs.
Lelond, Douglas
Lelond, Frank
Lelond, Gordon
Lelond, Jed (Jeremiah Jr.)
Lelond, Homer
Lelond, Jeremiah
Lelond, Jeremiah Thomas
Lelond, Les
Lelond, John James
Lelond, John William
Lelond, Louis
Lelond, Norman
Lelond, Roy & Wes
Lelond, Russell
Lelond, Vern
Lelond, Wilfrid Fleming
Lelond, William Sr.
Lelond, Wm. M.
Lemieux, Omar
Lindsay, Family
Littlejohn, Thomas Monroe
Lockhart, N.E.
Lockhart, Vernon
Long, Thomas George
Long, William Gordon
Lynch, Augustus
Lynch, J.T. & J.R.
MacDonalds, The
Mackie, William
MacPherson, Peter
MacPherson, Mrs. J.E.
Marrs, Stanley
Marvin, Thomas Edwin
Marvin, Reginald John
Marther, A. and L.
Maw, G.
Maxfield, Family
McDonald, Charlotte Lavina
McGavin, William
McGibbon, Johnson
McGillvray, John
McKay, George
McKean, Alexander and David 
McKenzie, Donald
McKenzie, Jock
McKenzie, Milburn
McKenzie, Wes
McKenzie, W.J.
McKinnon, Angus
McKinnon, Jack
McKinnon, John
McLeod, John
McNab, Ewen


McPhail, John & Norman
Medley, G.
Mellor, George Edward
Messel, N. James
Meyrick, Hubert A.
Middleton, J.H.
Miller, Wm.
Milne, James
Mitchell, J.S.
Mitchell, James
Mitchell, James Waugh
Mitchell, John Robert
Mitchell, Robert Gray
Mitchell, William Waugh
Morrow, Jack
Morrow, Wm. Mr. & Mrs.
Morton, James John
Morton, William
Mossman, A.
Mossop, Wm. G. & Family
Murphy, J.& McKinney, J.
Muttart, V.
Nankivell, Edwin John
Nankivell, Willaim Edwin
Nash, Ralph
Norrie, John 

O'Callaghan, Jeremiah
Oliver, R.M.
Oliver, Lloyd
Outram, Jack 

Palmer, William
Payne, Francis & William
Peel, Charlie and Family
Peel, George
Peel, R., Mr. & Mrs.
Peel, W., Mr. & Mrs.
Penelton, John
Penelton, Robert Alexander
Penelton, William John
Peterson, Eric
Pierce, Robert
Poppel, Joe
Powell, John
Powell, Martin John
Powers, Herbert Manly
Prentiss, William Bissett
Proctor, Family
Reeves, Frank
Reeves, Fred
Reid, Ernest Harvey
Reveley, Basil
Reynolds, Edward Lawrence
Reynolds, Family The
Reynolds, James Leslie
Reynolds, Rev. Thomas
Richardson, Ab.
Richardson, Arthur
Richardson, Howard
Richardson, William
Robinson, Ella, Miss
Robinson, Nicholas
Robinson, Wes. Family
Ross, William
Rowan, David
Rowan, David John
Rowan, Franklin James
Rowan, Gilbert
Rowan, J.E. (Ted)
Rowan, John Robert Sr.
Rowan, Robert Neil
Rowan, Robert E.
Rowan, William B.
Russel's, The
Russell, David
Rutledge, Keith
Sandell, John
Sang, Robert Fisher
Sararas, George Alexander
Sararas, Isaac
Scholfield, A. (Bert)
Scow, Elsie
Shaw, Duncan
Shoemaker, Jack
Shunk, Asa.
Sidey, Mr.
Sinclair, Edward
Smith, C.A.R.D.


Smithard J.H.
Sommers, H.
Spain, Mrs. Captain
Spalding, Alexander
Spalding, John & Family
Spencer, Albert Sr.
Spencer, Albert Jr.
Spencer, Herbert
Stanton, John
Steuart, Family
Steuart, J.H. Jr.
Stewart, David L.
Stewart, Thos. H.
Still, James Mr. & Mrs.
Still, Thomas James
Stoward, Roland & Robert
Stowe, Edwin John
Stowe, Henry (Harry)
Stowe, John
Stowe, George Randall
Strachan, Family
Stromness, J.
Struthers, Allan Parker
Stubbins, Thomas
Sunley, Ernest
Sunley, John
Sukie, Alec
Sutherland, John Duncan
Sutherland, John Guthrie & Donald
Sutherland, William T. 

Taylor, Mrs. John (Sarah)
Taylor, John James
Taylor, Robert Stuart
Taylor, Samuel D.
Taylor, Thomas
Taylor, William John
Teal, Fred
Tennant, John Flemming 
Tennant, William & Jeannant, John Flemmm Jr.
Thomas, Sidney David
Thompson, Charlie
Thompson, Ted
Thompson, William Allen
Thompson, William John
Topps, Thomas
Torrance, George W.
Townson, Frederick James
Trout, William John
Turner, Gordon
Turner, Harry
Turner, John
Tyler, Frank. R.
Tyndall, Fred 

Waddingham, Charles
Wadham, Edwin, Mr. & Mrs.
Waldie, William
Walker, James L.
Walker, Lawrence William
Walker, Lily
Walker, William
Wallace, Bruce
Wallace, Sam
Wallace, W.P.
Warren, James Wellington
Warren, John Nixon
Warren, Percy Salter
Watters, Dennis
Watters, Francis
Watters, Patrick
Watts, Charles, James Percy & Family 
Webster, Jake
Wheatland, Thomas Headly
Wheeler, Dr. Richard
Whitney, Family
Wiens, John Alfred
Wiggins, James
Wiggins, John
Wiggins, Lloyd
Williams, Cecil
Williams, William
Wilson, H.
Wilson, Matthew
Wismer, William
Wolfe, James & Richard Freeman
Woods, E.H., Mr. & Mrs.
Woods, W.P., Mr. & Mrs.
Wotton, Rev. J. T.
Wright, Hiram
Wythe, Cecil E 

Yarwood, William
Yeaman, James

A supplement to Bridging the Years
Bridging the Years told the history of the Arrow River and Miniota communities from their beginnings to Canada's Centennial.  This supplement highlights the events and changes that have taken place from 1967-1976.  It also includes some personal histories omitted from the original volume and updates others.  The following are family histories that appear in Bridging the Years Supplement published in 1976.
Andrew Family 
Andrushuk, Thomas 
Argue, C.M. 
Armitage Families 
Babuik, Mrs. S. 
Barrett, Bill & Evelyn 
Black, Wm., Family 
Blaich, Oswald 
Bohrn, Max 
Bonner, Wm. J. 
Brown, Elmer 
Bruce, George 
Bryant, Charlie R. 
Bryant, Leslie Charles 
Bryant, Terry W. 
Bryant, Jack 
Bryant, Leslie 
Bryant, Kenneth 
Bryant, Stan 
Bunn, Les 
Cable, John 
Cameron, Peter 
Cannon, Alex 
Castle, Harry 
Clarke, Robert F. 
Clarke, Fred 
Clegg, Cecil 
Clegg, Jim 
Cole, George, Family 
Cook, Jack 
Cornish, Barry 
Craig, Lewis 
Cullen, Frank 
Curry, Maurice 
Dales, Pat & Thelma 
Darker, Charlie 
Dibblee, George 
Dickie, John 
Douglas, Donald C. 
Draper Family 
Dunn, Jack 
Ellerington Families 
Friesen, Harold W. 
Gardham, George
Gardham, Harry 
Gertz, Emil 
Gilchrist, Ed. 
Gilchrist, Gordon 
Gilchrist, Larry W. 
Goldsborough, John 
Gurr, Lewis 
Haines, Donald 
Hanlin, A.M. 
Hanlin, David 
Hanlin, Jack 
Heslip Family 
Hill, A.C., Family 
Hill, Herman, Family 
Hodgins, C.N. 
Horner, Thomas Leslie 
Howard, Russell 
Hunkin, Glen 
Hurlin, Erik 
Inglis, Mrs. E. 
Johnson, Alvin 
Kirton Family 
Laite, Roy 
Laxdal, Sydney 
Lelond, David 
Lelond, Douglas 
Lelond, Edward 
Lelond, Kevin 
Lelond, Les 
Lelond, Louis 
Lelond, Glen (Mac) 
Helpard, Mrs. Muriel (Lelond) 
Lelond, Russell 
Lelond, Wesley 
Lelond, Wilfred 
Littlejohn, Spence 
Lockhart, Vernon 
Lonf Families 
McDonald, W. Erwin 
McKean, Alex A. 
McKean, Don 
McLean, John 
McKenzie, Donald
McKenzie, Wes 
Mitchell, J.R., Family 
Montgomery, Wes 
Morrow, Mrs. and Jack 
Morton, James J. 
Morton, Ted 
Mossop, William J. 
Nash, Ralph 
O'Callaghan, Wallace 
O'Callaghan, William 
Oliver, Lloyd 
Peel, George 
Penelton, Robert A. 
Powell Family 
Reynolds, Lawrence 
Reynolds, Miss Edna 
Richardson, Howard 
Ringland, George 
Rollo, Tom 
Rollo, Vernon 
Rowan, Frank J. 
Russell, David 
Stamford, Fred W. 
Steuart Family 
Stowe, Cecil 
Stowe, Mrs. John 
Stowe, Edwin J. 
Stowe, John C. 
Taylor, R.S., Family 
Thompson, Mrs. A.B. 
Thompson, W.A. 
Thompson, Earl 
Thompson, Brian 
Torrance, George W. 
Wadham, Edwin 
Waldie, Ivor 
Walker, Hugh, Family 
Watters, Frances 
Watts, P.C., Family 
Weber, Chris 
Wiens, John & Jean 
Williams, Cecil, Family 
Wythe, John W., Family 


The following is a list of short articles that also appear in Bridging the Years Supplement.

The Year 1967                                                       The Year 1970
Arrow River Cemetery                                            Manitoba Tartan
Ratepayers Established 1967 Project                        Centennial Plans Initiated
Winter Festival Weekend:                                        Launching Manitoba's 100th Birthday
           Centennial Rink Opened                               Ratepayers Meeting
           Russell Lelond Honored                               Beard Growing Contest
           Inter - Faith Service                                      Winter Festival Weekend:
New Royal Bank Building Opened                                      Inter - Faith Service
Centennial Awards Banquet in Winnipeg                             Carnival and Sports
Centennial Costume Dance                                      Pioneers Honored
Confederation Caravans                                           Municipal Celebration July 26,27
Centennial Celebrated:                                             Inter - Faith Service
             Inter - Faith Service                                    Centennial Committees Honored
             Municipal Picnic                                         Time Capsule 2070 AD
             Sports Day                                                  News Items for 1970
Senior Citizens Honored
Centennial Medals                                                   Wedding Anniversaries
                                                                               Names of those who have
The Year 1975                                                        celebrated their 50th and 60th
Winter Festival Weekend:                                         wedding anniversaries.
               Inter - Faith Weekend
               Snowmobile Races                                    Reunions
Decoration Day Observed                                         McDonald
Miniota 75th Anniversary Celebrated                         Hill- Sunley
Wynona Community                                                 Stowe
Wynona Celebrations                                                Goldsborough
General                                                                    McPherson
Miniota, River Boat Country
The Beautiful Assiniboine Valley                               Tragedies and Disasters
Sioux Benn Park                                                        Nygaard
The Floating Wannigan                                              Walker
Snake Hill                                                                  Cattle Killed by Lighting
Early Trails                                                                Great Whiteout of 1975
Legion, B.E.S.L. No. 66
National Farmers Union
New Municipal Office Opened
In Memorial Plaque - E.J. Spalding
Miniota Municipal Museum
R.M. of Miniota Fire Department
Advance in Medical Research
Education, the Referendum and Change
We've gone Metric
News Items of General Interest

Arrow River Section
Past, Present and Future of Arrow River
Arrow River Elevator
Arrow River Post Office
Arrow River Church, Palmerston Cairn
Arrow River School
Women's Institute, Its 50th Anv., Farwells
Community Centre
Arrow River Sports
Arrow River's Still Here
A First in Our Community
Woman of  the Year
The Singing Farmer, Russ Gurr

Miniota Section
Ten Years of Change - Businesses and Residences
C.P.R. Station Closed - Sold
Holy Trinity Anglican Church
United Church
         Church School
Women's Institute
4-H Clubs
Golden Age Group
Community Centre - History and Accomplishments
          Organizations Sponsored by C.C
                 Cubs and Scouts
                 Figure Skating
                 Girl's Softball
Other Sports:
     Riding Club
Chamber of Commerce
    Kindergarten Begins
    School Staff and Staff Changes
    Bits and Pieces
    Extra Activities
    Home and School
Drop-In Centre - Focus
Twin Valley Co-op Ltd.
Land of Doo - Arch Dale History