Brandon Manitoba

Agriculture Hall of Fame

Mayors of Brandon
Thomas Mayne Daly         1882; 1884 James A. Smart          1885-1886; 1895-1896
Alexander C. Fraser      1888-1899; 1901-1902 Andrew Kelly                     1890-1891
Dr. John McDiarmid      1892-1894; 1899-1900 Ezekial Evans                      1897-1898
Robert Hall                         1903-1904 John W. Fleming   1905; 1906-1911; 1912; 1913
Stephen E. Clement             1907-1908 Henry L. Adolph                 1909-1910
Cater, H.W.                 1915-1918; 1934-1937 A.R.McDiarmid                  1919
George Dinsdale                  1920-1921 E. Fotheringham                  1932-1933
F. H. Young                        1938-1943 L. H. McDorman                1944-1945
Frank T. Williamson.           1946-1951 James Creighton           1952-1955; 1958-1961
Dr. Stuart Schultz               1956-1957 Stephen A. Magnacca        1962-1969
W.K. Wilton                      1970-1974 Elwood C. Gorrie               1975-1977
G.D. Box                          1978 Ken Burgess                      1979-1980

AF & AM - Masonic order
AOUW - Ancient Order of United Workmen
COF - Canadian Order of Foresters
UOF - United Order of Foresters
WAAA - Western Agriculture & Arts Assoc.

Adams, Charles
B. Feb 27, 1858, Oxford Co, Ont, son of H.J. Adams. Educ. pub. sch. Oxford Co. & Dundas Coll Inst. Taught harness-making trade by father. Moved 1881 Brandon. MLA 1891. Defeated 1899. Alderman, mayor 2 yrs. Board of Trade. Crown Bank of Canada (dir.), Rideout River & Lake Navigation Co. (sect-treas). Married 1877 Clara Filey of Woodstock Ont. Children (4): Lorne H, Stanley, Louisa, Russell. (info taken from History of Manitoba by Prof. Geo. Bryce, 1906)
Adams, Frank W.
B. 1851, Oxford Co, Ont. Educ. pub. sch. of Oxford. Dry goods bus for 12 yrs. Came 1888 Brandon. Entered saddlery & harness bus, then moved Wpg.  Commercial Club - Wpg, Wpg. Board of Trade.  Lib. Meth. Adams Shoe Company, Brandon (sect-treas). Married 1884 Isabella  Kate Hall of Woodstock, Ont. One child, Charles Marlow.
Adams Bros Harness Manufac Co: Capitalized for $375,000. Directors: J.H. Adams-pres; Charles Adams-vice-pres;  S. Galloway-secrt/treas; F.W. Adams-mger western dept. &  M.A.B. Adams. Factories in Toronto & Mtl, & branches at Brandon, Moosomin, Wpg. Co. started at Brandon1881. In 1904 erected bldg. in Wpg- six stories valued at $60,000. (taken from History of Manitoba by Prof. Geo. Bryce, 1906)

Alexander, William Wilson
B. Oct 16, 1850 Aberdeen, Scot, son of William Alexander, mechanic (d. 1875) & Mary Johnston, both of Scot. Family moved to London, Ont 1860. Farmed & had carriage/blacksmithing bus. at Siddleville, Middlesex Co. Educ. in London Twp. Left school age 15. Milling/grain bus. Arrived Wpg Jan 1, 1882.  Moved March 1882 Brandon. One yr. with Archie Fisher in milling/lumber bus. Partnered with Andrew Kelly & Robert Sutherland in flour & grains bus for15 yrs. Withdrew from firm 1901. Entered milling/grain bus. with Low Brothers, traded under name Alexander Milling Co - flour mill (525 barrels/day) & several elevators. City councillor 1 yr, school board  12 yrs - 2  as chairman, Mason. Married 1875 Mary Fisher, dau. of Archie Fisher, Paisley, Bruce Co, Ont.  Children (8):  Julie Piere, Clara, George, Archie, Frnak, Maggie, Louise and Wilhemina. (taken from History of Manitoba by Geo. Bryce, 1906)

Banting, Charles Robert
B. 1852 Cookstown, Ont., son of Benjamin Banting (Ire).  Educ. pub sch of Tecumseh. Went 1879 to new town of Robinson, Ont. Came 1881 to Louisburg district, Man.  Later, homesteaded near Methvan. Opened 1892 gen, store at Methvan.  Sold out 2 yrs later, returned to farm. Came 1902 Brandon. Opened gen. merch. store. Owned 480 acres 19 miles from Brandon farmed on shares. Stockholder in Binder Twine Co & Oshawa Canning Co Ltd.  Cons. Meth. Married 1876 Mary Ann Hill of Simcoe, Ont., a sister of Rev. L.H. Hill, Toronto. Children (7):  Benjamin Lewis, Helita Caroline, Eva Sarah Priscilla, Percival Charles Richard, Thomas Albert Wilber, Bertha Annie Jane and Meredith Black. (taken from History of Manitoba by Geo. Bryce, 1906)

Chapman, Thomas
B. Aug 6, 1850 Somerset, Eng, son of Alfred Mundy Chapman & Sarah Applefield, both of Eng. Educ. private sch. Somerset, England.  Apprenticed to watchmaking trade.  Emigrated 1870 to Toronto, Ont. Watchmaker 1.5 yrs. Moved Lindsay, Ont, watchmaker 3.5 yrs. Moved 1875 Winnipeg, watchmaker 5 yrs. Moved 1880 Brandon Hills. Homesteaded 560 acres (300 under cultivation). Raised stock. IOF.  Lib. C.of E. Married Feb 1877 Mary Andrew, sister of George Andrew (jeweler, Wpg).  Children (13 - ten living in 1906):  Jennie, Jessie, George William, Charles Edwin, John Edward, Bertha, Clifford, Edith, Norman and Myrtle. (taken from History of Manitoba by Geo. Bryce, 1906)

Clement , Stephen Emmett
B. Oct 14, 1867 Cookstown, Ont, son of Stephen Clement (d. bef 1906), 1st sheriff of Western Judicial District. Educ. in Cookstown. Came 1882 Brandon with father.  Finished educ. at Collegiate Inst. & Wesley Coll., Wpg. Graduated (B.A.) 1892.  Studied law with Hon. Clifford Sifton & J.A.M. Aikins.  Called to the bar 1895.  Estab. practice in Brandon & partnered with R.A. Clement -  solicitors for Dominion Bank & loan companies. Owned farm property N of Brandon.  School board of Brandon, AOUW, Maccabees. Lib. Meth.(trustee). Married 1899 Aleta E. Paisley, dau. of  James Paisley, Brandon. One child, Harold Dixon (info taken from History of Manitoba  by Prof. Geo. Bryce, 1906)

Currie, William
b. Feb 28, 1834, Lanark Co, Ont, son of Robert Currie, civil engineer/surveyor (Scot) (d. 1853 at 64 yrs) & Anne Wilson  (Ire.)(d. 1864 at 73 yrs) who emig. Canada. In 1849 Curries  moved to Osborne, Huron Co. Purchased 400 acres. William educ. Lanark & Huron Co. Left home at 23 to be clerk in gen. merch. store Almonte, Lanark Co. Moved 1860 to St. Mary's, Perth Co (mercantile & grains businesses). Came 1879 Man.  Homesteaded 1880-93 at Currie's Landing on Assiniboine River - the place being named  after him.  Received/forwarded freight from boats traveling the river. Appointed 1893 bailiff for Brandon district (9 yrs) & also sold real estate & insurance.  Resigned office 1902. Moved to  Brandon - real estate & fire insurance. Councillor St. Mary's 1 yr, school  trustee St. Mary's 14 yrs. Lib. Presby. Married 1861 Ellen Creighton, dau. of James  Creighton, Blanchard, Perth Co, Ont.  Children (6): Robert Wilson, Margaret Anne,  Harriet Ellen, William James (d. bef 1906), James Weldon and Lottie Louise.  (taken from History of Manitoba by Geo. Bryce, 1906)

Darrach, Robert
B. June 8, 1855 St. Thomas, Ont, son of Neil Darrach (carriage maker, d. Jul 2, 1866) & Mary Mitchell (living St. Thomas, Ont 1906) both of Scot. who emig. Elgin Co, Ont.  Robert worked building/contracting trade with bro. Moved 1881 Man. & Feb 1882 arrived Wpg. After few months went  to Rapid City. Engaged in agric. implem. bus.  Moved Brandon fall 1883. Continued in impl. bus 10 yrs. Appointed 1893 clerk of the court, deputy clerk of Crown & Pleas & clerk of Surrogate Court. Public school board, Brandon, 10 yrs -chairman for 2 yrs, sect. of board of dir. of Brandon College, member of board of management  of Brandon Gen. Hosp, COF. Bapt. Married 1880 Seressa Thompson,  dau. of I.V. Thompson, London, Ont. Children (3): Katherine, Marion and Alexander Vincent.  (taken from History of Manitoba by Geo. Bryce, 1906)

Denison, Albert
B. 1859 in Huron, Ont, son of Robert Denison of Huron (d. 1904).  Educ. Huron Co. Apprenticed blacksmithing. Worked at trade in Ontario 11 yrs. Moved 1884 Glenboro, Man. Opened blacksmith shop - 2 yrs. Went into machine bus. & livery bus until 1895. Operated Leland Hotel, Glenboro 5 yrs.  Moved Souris & purchased Transit House - 3 yrs. Sold Transit House. Moved Brandon & leased Imperial Hotel - 15 months.  Operated Starkey House, Carman. Purchased 1905 Imperial Hotel, Brandon from D.C. McKinnon (56 rooms). Invested $80,000 for hotel & furnishings, then refitted & refurnished 1905. Married 1887 Elizabeth Reilly of Ont. Chlidren (2): May, Albert. (taken from History of Manitoba by Geo. Bryce, 1906)

Evans, Richard Dermot
B. 1852 Hamilton, Ont, son of William Evans (d. bef 1906).  Educ. pub. sch. Hamilton & Comm. Coll, Hamilton. Traveling salesman for piano/organ  manufac. Traveled for agric. impl. bus. until 1894.  Came 1882 Brandon to manage bus. of Jackson & Co. & then auctioneered. Agent for Imperial Oil . Married 1887 Catherine Elizabeth Milne, Whitby, Ont. Children (4): Milne Dermot,  John Lowell, Rita Pauline, Alacia. (taken from History of Manitoba by Geo. Bryce, 1906)

Fleming, Alexander
B. May 4, 1841, Glasgow, Scot. Educ. Glasgow. Degree Glasgow Univ (medicine). Emigrated NB to continue studies. Studied also US. Returned to Glasgow for degree. Returned Canada, Practiced at Stanley NB. Moved Sackville NB (10 yrs). Pioneer physician of Brandon. Started 1st drug store in Brandon, May 1881. First sect-treas.  Brandon school board. Member of city council. One of  the organizers of the  Farmers' Union (pres).  D. Nov 25, 1897. (taken from History of Manitoba by Geo. Bryce, 1906)

Fraser, Alexander C.
From Renfrew Co, Ont.  Came 1881 Brandon as young man. Dry goods bus. Alderman 1884-85, mayor 1888-1902, MLA for North Brandon 1897 but defeated 1899 & 1903, Board of Trade, Brandon Club. Mason. Lib. Presby.  (info taken from History of Manitoba by Prof. Geo. Bryce, 1906)

Fry, John
B. Jan 5, 1870 Wingham, Ont, son of James Fry, farmer (d. 1904). Educ. at Souris & Portage la Prairie after father came to Wpg 1879. Moved 1882 Brandon. Homesteaded near Souris but also farmed different places until 1893.  Employed at gen. store, Souris. Went into grain business, returned to farming.  May 12, 1898 moved to Brandon & clerked in grocery store 3 yrs. Employed by CPR. Returned to Brandon Feb 1902. Started groc. bus.  Real estate May 17-Nov 17, 1893. Built livery stable. March 25, 1905 returned real estate/insurance. Lib. Presby. Married Nov 16, 1897 Mary Louise Winter, resident of Ingersoll, Ont & neice of William Winter, ex-mayor of Brandon. One Son, Reuben James. (taken from History of Manitoba by Geo. Bryce, 1906)

Gibson, James Spence
B. 1858  Burford, Brant Co, Ont, son of Alex. Gibson (d. 1895), blacksmith. Educ. Brant County. Learned blacksmithing from father. Conducted a shop in Paris, Ont 2.5 yrs. Came 1882 Brandon & started livery bus - 7 yrs. Furnished teams for transport for the government during Riel Rebellion.  Partnered with George W. Fraser in horse & carriage bus until 1891. Partnership dissolved. Gibson continued bus. until 1904  then farmed - 3 farms within 3 miles of Brandon, cultivated 960 acres. Yield 1905 about 15,000 bushels. Appointed 1897 inspector for Brandon district for fed govt. UOF, AOUW, Brandon Turf Club, WAAA (vice-pres.). Lib. Meth. Married 1884 Margaret C. Mendell of Belleville, Ont. Children (8):  Roy A. (bookkeeper, A. Kelly Milling Co, Brandon); Nora, Jennie, Gladys, Glenn J., Lila Edith, Harry & Jack. (taken from History of Manitoba by Geo. Bryce, 1906)

Graham, Herbert Clement
B. Feb 27, 1856 Oxford Co, Ont, son of Allen E. Graham, farmer in Ont & Man.  Maternal ancestor was Sarah Caroline Vanatter, b. Ont of Pennsylvania Dutch extraction.  Father descended in direct line from Grahams of Scotland, intermingled with Ethan Allen family of US.  Both sides of grandparents b. in Canada. Both grandfathers fought in War of 1812 under General Brock, participating in Battle of Queenstown Heights. Herbert educ. in Ont. Farmed Blenheim Twp, Oxford Co, then Kent Co, Ont. with father. Arrived Wpg, May 15, 1877, via Red River flat boats. Selected farm 25 miles NW of Wpg 4 yrs.  Bought 800 acres W end of Brandon Hills (Hayfield district). Retired 1896. Moved to Brandon.  Oakland municipal council 1885-88, standard bearer for Liberal party for South Brandon, contested South Brandon against Senator Kirchoffer. Elected 1892. At g.e. of 1895, "the electors of south Brandon showed their increased confidence in him by returning him again with the largest majority attained in any rural constituency in the province, his opponent losing his deposit." Resigned seat 1896, to be customs collector for all of prov W of Portage la Prairie. Owned/operated retail lumber & coal bus at Carroll, MB.  Owned real estate in Wpg., Brandon & throughout prov.  Married 1878 to Annie Cunningham, dau. of John Cunningham, Esq. of Duart, Kent Co, Ont.  Children (4):  John W, Allen Gordon, Cecelia, Winnifred.  (taken from History of Manitoba by Geo. Bryce, 1906)

Hanbury, John
B. Jun 12, 1855 Markdale, Grey Co, Ont, son of William Hanbury (d. 1861) & Jane Whitby (d. 1895 at 65 yrs), both of Ire. Hanburys homesteaded in Grey Co. early 1840's. Educ. pub sch at Markdale & at age 21, Dundalk pub sch.  At 10 yrs, left home & farmed to age 15. Learned trade of plasterer, mason & bricklayer. Built for farmers in Grey Co. Arrived Jan 1882 Wpg, located Brandon. Contracting/building. Built post office block, merchants' block, Langham Hotel, General Hospital bldg. & "mostly all of the principal buildings in Brandon." Started 1892 manufacture if doors, windows & house finishings.  Purchased 1898 Assiniboine Lumber Co's saw mill (Brandon) & timber limits in Duck Mountains. Estab. 1898 mills at Cranbrook, Elko and Van Couser, BC (possible typo in book). Organized 1901 Man. Hardware & Lumber Co (pres), headquartered Brandon but branches in Hamiota, Minita, Virden & Reston. Company valued 1906 at $150,000. Brandon Board of Trade, Mason, Hospital Board, Alderman. First married 1880 to Martha Miles (d. 1898), dau. of Joseph Miles, Ospera, Ont. Children (8): Martha (Mrs. A.B. Fleming); Edgar John (travelling salesman for father's co.); George Richmond (mgr, Vancouver mill); Wilfred (clerk in Elko branch); Ella May, Lawrence Martin, Edith and Mary Victoria.  M2. Miss Isbister. (taken from History of Manitoba by Geo. Bryce, 1906)

Hall, Robert
B. May 24, 1849 Huntington Co, Que, son of Marshal Hall & Elizabeth Kennedy, both of Ire. who came with their parents to Que early 1800's. Educ. pub. sch. Huntington Co. Age 20 entered construction dept. of Montreal Telegraph Co. Made supt. of construction for North-West district, position held until 1884.  Built first telegraph line in Man. for MTC.  Homesteaded 1881 on Assiniboine River N of Griswold. Purchased adjoining properties & owned 2,000+ acres. Raised horses & cattle. Manager 1906 loan dept, Imperial Life Assurance Co. Reeve of Mun. of Whitehead 1885-86, mayor of Brandon 1893-94, Mason, AOUW, trustee of Methodist Church. Married Mar 5, 1878 Sarah Good, dau. of John Good (d. bef 1906), Kincardine, Ont. Children (4): Isabella, Marsella, May,Dorothy. (taken from History of Manitoba by Geo. Bryce, 1906)

Henderson, William
B. April 30, 1859 Cobourg, Ont, son of Robert Henderson & Martha Brown, both of Co. Down, Ire.  Family emig. to Can 1840's, homesteaded in Northumberland Co. Left school at age 12 to learn blacksmith trade.  Moved 1879 Man. Journeyman for Montgomery Bros. Moved 1881 Brandon. Employed by William Wilson, blacksmith, until Jan1888.  Contested seat 1899 South Brandon for the Conservative party (defeated). Farmed & agric. impl. bus. Appointed 1901 sheriff of Western Judicial District of Manitoba. Mason, IOOF. (taken from History of Manitoba by Geo. Bryce, 1906)

Hetherington, Robert Briggs
b. July 12, 1844 Smith's Falls, Renfrew Co, Ont., son of John Hetherington (farmer) & Eliza Briggs, both of Ire who Renfrew Co early 1830's then moved 1866 Huron Co.  Left home at 21 yrs.  Learned carpenter's trade. Came 1879 Man.  Carpenter Portage la Prairie 1880. Homesteaded N of Douglas 1881-1902.  Also in lumber business at Douglas. Appointed Feb 1, 1902 provincial jailer. IOF, Orange Society. Meth. Married 1872 Mary Jane Mathers, dau of Christopher Mathers of Kinloss, Bruce Co, Ont. Children (8): Robert George, Charles Wesley, Thomas Henry, William James, Albert Edward, John Christopher, Francis Briggs & Etta Angeline.  (taken from History of Manitoba by Geo. Bryce, 1906)

Higginbotham, Joseph Frederick
B. Feb 23, 1868, Muskoka, Ont, son of John Higginbotham, ex-merchant of Toronto residing in Wpg. Educ. in Ont. Came 1884 Man. Farmed at Oak Lake with father. Moved 1890 Brandon. Apprenticed to T.F. Butcher (jeweller). Went to Horological College, Toronto (watchmaking). Returned to Brandon. Employed again by T.F. Butcher. Estab. own business at Portage la Prairie (4 yrs) then Butcher died. Purchased the bus. Ran both then sold Portage shop to employee, P.J. Harwood. Specialized in fine diamonds, cut glass, silverware. Stock worth $25,000. IOOF, Knights of Pythias. Cons. Married Nov 15, 1901 Ina May Hogg, dau. of Rev. Joseph Hogg of Wpg. Children (2):  Margaret & Frances Irene. (taken from History of Manitoba by Geo. Bryce, 1906)

Hughes, Joseph Henry
B. Apr 14, 1867 London, Middlesex Co, Ont, son of Joseph C. Hughes & Jane McAndless, both of London Twp.  (Their parents from Ire. & settled Ont early 1800's). Father farmed in Middlesex Co. until 1903 then retired to Brandon  Educ. at Middlesex Co & Normal School, Toronto (1874). Taught school 1875. Gen. merch. bus at Iderton. Moved 1882 to Brandon. Lumber bus with T.H. Patrick, Souris. Operated yards at Brandon & Souris. Partnership dissolved 1886. Estab. mills at Rainy River. Disposed of mills 1901 & estab. wholesale & retail lumber bus Brandon on 10th St, between Rosser & Princess St.  Owned most prop. between 10th & 11th Sts., Rosser & Princess. Erected brick block on 10th. Also Strathcona Block. Employed 40+ men to manufac. sash doors & builders' supplies. Traded in Man., Sask. and Alta. "On the site where the town of Rainy River now stands, Mr. Hughes cut the first timber and built the first saw mill." Alderman of Brandon 4 yrs, Board of Public Works (chairman), Masonic Order, IOOF, AOUW. Married 1883 Anna Maria Hughes, Middlesex Co (near Strathroy), dau. of Thomas Hughes (d. bef 1906) of Metcalfe, Middlesex Co, reeve & warden of cty. Children (5): Alma & May (attending Alma College, St. Thomas, Ont. 1906), Percy, Harley & Ruth. (taken from History of Manitoba by Geo. Bryce, 1906)

Inglis, John
B. Mar 15, 1858 Dunfermline, Scot, son of James Inglis & Catherine Scotland, both of Scot (living in Scot 1906). Educ. pub sch of Dunfermline. Worked City of Glasgow Bank until 1879. Briefly employed by Clydesdale Bank, then brought by Merchant's Bank of Can. to Montreal. Arrived 1882 Canada & remained with Bank of Montreal about 10 yrs. Came 1892 Brandon on special work with Brandon branch of the bank. Resigned to take up agric. impl. bus. Board of Trade (2 terms as pres.), Brandon Hospital (treas.), Brandon Club, Sons of Scotland.  Lib. Presby.  Co-founded 1899 Smith, Inglis & Nelson (Smith & Inglis in 1904) - agents for McCormick harvesting machines, Canton ploughs, Studebaker & Chatham wagons, Campbell buggies, Gaar Scott & Co's threshing machines, & American Seeding Co's lines. (taken from History of Manitoba by Geo. Bryce, 1906)

Kelly, Andrew
B. July 10, 1852  North Middlesex, Ont, son of John Kelly, farmer.  Educ. pub sch of North Middlesex. Stayed on family farm until age 25. Worked for G. Carter, Son & Co, millers/grain dealers of Ontario 2 yrs. Moved 1881 to Man. Estab. A. Kelly Milling Co (traded under name of Fisher and Co).  In 1882, Messrs. Alexander, Kelly & Sutherland purchased Fisher's interests. In 1884 increased capacity of mill to 200 barrels/day & erected oatmeal mill.  Firm known as Alexander, Kelly & Sutherland until 1885 then changed to Alexander, Kelly & Co. In 1884 mill burned. Rebuilt, increasing capacity to 400 barrels/day & 150 barrels/day oatmeal.  Alexander retired 1901, firm became A. Kelly Milling Co. Amalgamated Jul 1903 with Parrish & Lindsay. Amalgamated May 1, 1905 with Huron & Manitoba Milling Co. New business titled Western Canada Flour Co with 1 mill in Goderich,Ont. (2,000 barrels/day flour) & salt works in Goderich (200 barrels/day salt.)  Brandon mill's capacity - 400 barrels/day flour & 150 barrels/day oatmeal.  Company operated 62 elevators in Man, Sask. and Alta with avg. capacity of 32,000 bushels each. In 1906, completed mill in St. Boniface (capacity est. at 4,000 barrels/day flour & elevator of 500,000 bushels).  Officers of company:  Andrew Kelly (pres.); S.A. McGaw (vice-pres & mgr dir); E.J. Barclay (treas.); A.J. Mitchell (sect.)  Board of Directors included: Andrew Kelly, S.A. McGaw, A.J. Mitchell, W.J. Lindsay, Joseph J. Wright, Arthur Hills & Louis Lukes of Toronto.  Alderman for Brandon 3 yrs, mayor of Brandon 1890-01, one of original dir of Great-West Life Assurance Co, Wpg. Cons. Presby. Married 1882 Mary Louise Bremner of Waterdown, Ont. Children (3):  Evart C (accountant, Bank of Hamilton), Alan B (ledger keeper, Dominion Bank) and Vieva May (at school 1906). (taken from History of Manitoba by Geo. Bryce, 1906)

Kirkcaldy, James
B. May 18, 1866 Fifeshire, Scot, son of James Kirkcaldy, contractor with prov. govt, & Helen Brand. Educ. in Fifeshire. Apprenticed in gardening. Joined Black Watch - stationed 6 yrs in Scot, Aldershot, (Engl) Co. Kildar Ire) also Dublin, Belfast & Londonderry.  Staff instructor Hythe School of Musketry Kent, Engl 2 yrs. Came fall of 1891 to Brandon.  Appointed Apr 1892 chief of police 13 yrs, 4 mos. Purchased Jul 17, 1905 Empire Hotel in partnership with James Smith (40 rooms). Brandon Lodge #19 A.F. & A.M.  Presby.  Married 1891 Rosina H. Perry, dau. of Joseph Perry of Hythe Engl. Children (7): Elsie, Kathleen, Archie, Jack, Ellen, Minnie, Fred. (taken from History of Manitoba by Geo. Bryce, 1906)

Leech, Richard Edward Albert
B. January 25, 1859, Leeds Co, Ont, son of John Leech, farmer & cheese factory operator, Leeds Co.  Educ. pub sch of Leeds & Huron Cos. & Belleville Coll, Belleville, Ont. (B.A. 1875).  Worked with father in cheese, butter & grain bus (Leeds). Moved 1879 Man. Located near Gladstone - farmed 2 yrs.  Moved 1881 Brandon. Farmed 4 miles from city until 1899 when moved to the Brandon & estab. grain bus. Prov. organizer of Lib. party 1902-05. Appointed 1905 inspector of Dominion land agencies. Also inspector for Rocky Mountain Park. Staff of about 300 men in different prov. Lge prop. owner Brandon vicinity, Sask & Alta - about 4,000 acres farm land & considerable town proeprties. Brandon Agricultural & Arts Assoc (dir.), Brandon Hospital (dir), Manitoba Central erms' Inst (sect), sect & trustee of  board of managers Methodist church (1905), Sunday School (sect), AOUW. Married 1892 Jennie Hall, dau. of Mr. Hall of Woodstock, Ont. Children (2): Vera & Beverly.  (taken from History of Manitoba by Geo. Bryce, 1906)

MacPherson, Ritchie
B. July 1, 1859 Renfrewshire, Scot.  Educ. Scotland.  Served apprenticeship as joiner in Greenock, Scot.  Worked as journeyman 2 yrs Engl. Arrived Man. May 1, 1882. Homesteaded 160 acres N of Balgonie. Farmed until 1887. Retained property but moved to Brandon. Accepted position with Wilson & Smith, furniture men, Brandon 13 yrs. Partnered with George W. Vincent to purchased furniture/undertaking bus. Mason, IOOF, COF. Lib. Presby. Married 1889 Sarah Gurley, dau. of John Gurley, Leamington, Warwickshire, Engl. Children (3): Violet, Archie Marquis and Ritchie. (taken from History of Manitoba by Geo. Bryce, 1906)

McInnis, Stanley William
B. Oct 8, 1865 St. John, NB, son of John Lindsay McInnis (d. bef 1906), school teacher & customs official in Man.  Educ. Frederickston, NB. Came fall 1880 to Man. Attended 2 terms Manitoba Coll. Began dentistry with Dr. J.L. Benson, Wpg. Completed studies Philadelphia Dental Coll (grad. 1888). WAAA(dir), Brandon Board of Trade (dir), Brandon Gun Club 10 yrs (pres), Provincial Game Protective Assoc (pres), Brandon Athletic Club (pres), Brandon Turf Club (dir), Manitoba Dental Assoc (registrar), Cdn. Natl. Dental Assoc (vice-pres), Manitoba rep. to Dominion Dental Council, British Club. On Dec 7, 1899 elected to Prov. Leg. as independent Conservative. Re-elected July 1903. Anglican. Married Clara M. Beckwith (father from Baltimore, Maryland). (taken from History of Manitoba by Geo. Bryce, 1906)

McDairmid, Alfred Reginald
B. March 23, 1878 Brianston, Ont.  Came to Brandon at age 4 with parents.  Attended Manitoba Coll 2 yrs.  Fall 1898, went into lumber bus. with Mr. Hanbury, afterwards to Rat Portage with Rat Portage Lumbar Co. Returned to Brandon.  Organized McDairmid & Clark, branch of Assiniboine Lumber Co. Company succeeded 4 yrs later by Sword & McEachern, then by McDairmid & McEachern. Continued bus by himself 2 yrs. Stockholder in Man. Windmill & Pump Co, Brandon Brick & Lumber Co. Lib. Married 1903 Jean Elizabeth Burr, dau. of M.W. Burr of Guelph, Ont. (taken from History of Manitoba by Geo. Bryce, 1906)

McKay, Hector
B. Apr 3, 1850 Oxford Co, Ont, son of Donald McKay, farmer, (d. bef 1906), Scot.  Educ. Oxford Co. Worked family farm until 20. Enlisted with Red River expedition commanded by Sir Garnet Wolseley. Stationed at West Glen. Discharged March 1871.  Being sick he returned to fall of 1871 to Ont. Worked on railroads 7 yrs. Returned 1878 Man. Railroad work.  Located 1890 Brandon. Livery business. Mason. Cons. Presby. Married 1874 Mary Heuston of Ont. One son, Donald in bus with father & trained for veterinary work.  (taken from History of Manitoba by Geo. Bryce, 1906)

McPherson, Hugh
B. Jan 26, 1845 Pictou Co, NS, son of Alexander McPherson, farmer  & Elizabeth Murray. Farmed, railroaded & lumbered in Ont. Homesteaded 11 miles SE of Brandon April 1879. Owned 2,280 acres. Acquired 640 acres in nothern part of prov. Councillor, Brandon district 15 yrs. Cons. Presbyterian. Married 1875 Margaret E. Sellers of Pictou Co.  Children (4):  Georgina J, Maggie Hattie, Johnston, Angus Sellers. (taken from History of Manitoba by Geo. Bryce, 1906)

Meredith, Henry
B. Sligo Co, Ire. & educ. there. Came to Canada early 1870's. Accepted position in wholesale warehouse of A.R. MacMaster & Bros, Toronto (dry goods) 10 yrs. Moved 1883 Brandon. Gen. store business. Gen. agency & brokerage bus & farming.  Stockholder in Great-West Life Assurance Co, Canada Life Assurance Co, Brandon Hospital (dir) (Pres 2 yrs). Independent Cons. (taken from History of Manitoba by Geo. Bryce, 1906)

Nation, Frederick
B. Jan 29, 1861 Morpeth, Kent Co, Ont, son of James C. Nation (Toronto) & Eliza Waring (London, Engl). James C's s parents from Engl & came to Canada 1812, settling at York (Toronto). James C's grandfather was connected with Cdn civil service & his father, merchant in western Ontario.  Eliza Waring's parents settled at Bytown (Ottawa), later moved to London, Ont.  Her father was captain in British army.  Frederick Nation educ. in pub. & private schools of Morpeth. Left school at age 18. Entered mercantile business 3 yrs in eastern Ontario.  Moved 1882 Man. After 3 months in Wpg, went to western portion of Man.  Moved 1883 Brandon. Partnered with T.T. Atkinson (Atkinson & Nation). In 1886 F. Nation & Co. Because of failing health, sold out 1892 & travelled around the world.  Returned 1894 & engaged in bus. under name of Nation & Shawan. Married 1886 Abbey G. Bawden, dau. of George Bawden, Brandon. Children (3) : Arthur Frederick, Helen Maud & George Walter.  (taken from History of Manitoba by Geo. Bryce, 1906)

Percival, Thomas M.
B. Jul 29, 1851, Bramcote, Warwickshire, Engl. Grammar school in Wolvey. Apprenticed groc. bus. in Birmingham. Founded bus for himself at Coventry - 10 yrs. Emig 1884 to Hamilton, Ont. Pork packing bus 3 yrs. Came 1887 Man, near Brandon. Farmed until 1893. Sold farm 1895 & started groc bus. Conservative Assoc. in Coventry, Engl (pres), city councillor (Engl), Conservative Assoc. of Brandon (pres), Councillor (Brandon), IOF, Sons of England, Maccabees, Orange Society, charter member WAAA, Brandon Farmers' Inst (pres), Horticultural & Forestry Assoc.  C.of E. (taken from History of Manitoba by Geo. Bryce, 1906)

Reesor, D.A.
Native of Co. of York, Ont. Educ. pub sch, supplemented by high schools at Whitby & Oshawa, Ont. Came 1892 Brandon. Establ. jewelry bus. Councillor of Brandon, Mason, Brandon Hospital Board. Owned more property on Rosser Ave. than any other man in the city at that time. Lib.  Meth.  (taken from History of Manitoba by Geo. Bryce, 1906)

Roddick, Rev. George
B. Jan 29, 1832 Pictou Co, NS, son of James Roddick (miller from Dumfrieshire, Scot) & Lena Kinkley (Belfast, Ire).  Educ. West River seminary of Pictou Co. & Princetown, NJ. Graduated theology 1857. Returned to Pictou Co. Took out licence and preached in mission fields 1 yr.  Pastor of Presbyterian Church, West River, Pictou Co. 21yrs. Came 1879 Brandon Hills, Man. Owned 2,500 acres -1,000 acres wheat, 500 acres to oats and barley. Married Dec 1859 Elizabeth of Pictou Co. Children (8 - 7 living in 1906): James Melville, David Roy, Robert Fenwick, John Hardy, Mary Harriet (Mrs. W.H. Dunbar, Brandon Hills who has 6 children), Lena Bessie (Mrs. R. Dunbar), & Georgina Russell (Mrs. W.F. Harris, North Portal, Sask). (taken from History of Manitoba by Geo. Bryce, 1906)

Robins, John Moore (Woodlands)
B. Dec 1855, Wellington Co, Ont, son of Capt. Wm. Robinson, Hustonville, Wellington Co, Ont, who came to Can from Co. of Armagh, Irel & Maria Moore of Maryborough, Co. of Wellington (married 1854).  Married June 1882, Eliza, 3rd dau of Robert Lipsett of Meadow Lea. Ed. at Lockport, NY, . & St. Catherine's Coll. Inst. Settled 1879 in Man. Ed/publ of Brandon Times & Portage la Prarie Tribune and Review newspapers.  Clerk of Mun. of Woodlands, taught school for 4 yrs in Ont & 2 yrs in Woodlands, then engaged in real estate bus. in Portage la Prarie. Sect of Portage Liberal Cons. Assoc., Provl. Grand Master for Man. of Orange Assoc. First returned to leg. assem. at last g.e. A Liberal Conservative - Brandon, Man. (taken from The Canadian parliamentary companion, 1887 / edited by J.A. Gemmill)

Robinson, J.M.
Reached Brandon Jan. 1892. With bro J.C. Robinson, estab the Right House. Appointed 1893 bursar of the Brandon Asylum for Insane. Resigned 1899 to engage in real estate. Brandon Liberal Assoc, alderman 1885-86, Mason. Lib. Presby. (taken from History of Manitoba by Geo. Bryce, 1906)

Shillinglaw, Walter Henderson
B. Sept 29, 1864 Staffa, Perth Co, Ont, son of James Shillinglaw (Edinburgh, Scot) & Elizabeth Deans (Hawick, Scot) who emig. Canada 1840 (father) & 1842 (mother). Father farmed Perth Co.1849-1869 then moved to Albany, Missouri & 1880 came to Man spending 2 yrs in Portage la Prairie, then moving to Brandon 1882. Educ. at Albany Missouri, Portage la Prairie, Brandon, Univ. of Man, School of Science of Toronto (civil eng). Returned 1889 Brandon. Practiced architecture. Appointed Dec 1896 city engineer. Civil Engineer Soc. of Can. Lib. Presby. Married 1899 Elizabeth Monteith, dau. of William Monteith of Greencastle, Ire. (taken from History of Manitoba by Geo. Bryce, 1906)

Shirriff, James
B. Nov 19, 1851 Huntingdon, Que, son of Dr. Francis W. Shirriff, Que. physician for 65 yrs, dying at age 85.  Educ. pub sch & Huntingdon Academy.  Apprenticed in agric. wood working trade and worked as journeyman.  Came 1874 Man. After 1 yr returned to Que to manage Messrs. Boyd & Co of Huntingdon, Que. Resigned  1880 to return to Man. Travelled for impl. bus. 3 yrs between Grand Forks, Emerson & Brandon.  Also stationed 1880 in Brandon as agent for Cochrane Manufact. Co of St. Thomas, Ont.  Built up Brandon Machine Works 11 yrs. Agent for North-West Thresher Co, Sillwater Mining Co, Bell Engine Co of Seaforth, Ont & other agencies.  Woodmen of the World, Brandon School Board 4 yrs. Lib. Presby. (pres of Lord's Day Alliance & county pres. of Sunday School Assoc).  First married 1883 Selina Henderson of Huntingdon, Que.  M2. 1892 Harriet B. Hossie.  One dau, Helen E.  (taken from History of Manitoba by Geo. Bryce, 1906)

Sifton, John Wright
Youngest s. of Bamlet & Mary Sifton. Ancestors came from Engl. to Ire. at time
of the Conquest. Emig. to Canada 1832, settled London Twp. Descended from
old Engl. family. B. 10 Aug 1833 in London Twp. Married Oct 1, 1863 in Delaware
Twp to Kate, 3rd dau of James & Sarah Watkins, King's Co. Ire. Lived in oil regions
of Canada for 2 yrs. County Council of Lampton - 4 yrs. Came 1875 Man. Apptd.
Justice of the Peace. Engaged in contracting. First returned to Leg. at g.e. 1878.
Re-elected  1881 on extension of Man. boundaries. Liberal. In favour of restrictive
measures on liquor and pro CPR. Rec'd 312 votes over C.R. Tuttle (245), Major J.
Rogers (145) & Robert Currie (119)- Brandon, Man. (from The Canadian parliamentary companion and annual register, 1881 / edited by C.H. Mackintosh. )

Skynner, Henry J.
Educ. in private sch, Toronto. Accepted clerkship in North British Investment Co, Toronto. Remained until March 1882 then to their branch in Wpg. Moved 1884 Brandon  Agent for ins. companies,  Cdn. North-West Land Co, & handled CPR's lands. Brandon Club. Cons. C.of E. Married Nov 1895 Essie Girouard, sis. of Sir Percy Girouard, London, Eng. Children (6): In 1906, lived at 417 Sixth St., Brandon.  (taken from History of Manitoba by Geo. Bryce, 1906)

Smart, James Allan (East Brandon)
Of Scots descent. Eld. s. of James Smart of Brockvile, Ont, formerly an manufac, now Sheriff of Leeds & Granveille.  B. at Brockville, June 6, 1858. Ed. at pub sch. & C. L. Inst. Woodstock, Ont.  Married at Prescott, June 1883, Lizzie F. Jones.  Is a hardware merch. Alderman 1882-3, Mayor of Brandon 1885-86. Western Judicial Dist. Board of Man. 1886. First reutrned to leg. Assem. at last  g.e. Liberal - Brandon. (The Canadian parliamentary companion, 1887 / edited by J.A. Gemmill.)

Smith, James
B. Aug 21, 1858. Educ. Aberdeen, Scotland. Apprenticed blacksmith. Located near Stratford then moved to Stark, Illinois. Blacksmith shop 19 yrs. Imported horses. Came 1901 Brandon to open & mange Brandon branch of A. Galbraith & Sons (horse importers). Owned half interest in Empire Hotel (with James Kirkcaldy). Masonic order, Peioria Commandery, Knights Templars, IOOF. Married first. Nov 1887 Janet Murray (d. 1893). Children (2): Stacey Burdett & Ruby Jane. M2. 1905 May Agnes Sloan, Liverpoool, Engl. (taken from History of Manitoba by Geo. Bryce, 1906)

Smith, John E.
B. July 12, 1849 Twp of Clark, Durham, Co, Ont, son of Rutherford Smith & Mary Rutherford, both of Roxborough, Scot. who emigrated 1931 to Durham & homesteaded 30 yrs.  In 1861 family moved to Huron Co, farmed until Rutherford's death. Educ. pub sch in Huron Co & Rockwood Acad. Clerked in mercantile store 5 yrs. Taught school 1869-72 in Huron Co. Gen. merchansdiser at Brussels, Huron Co 1871-81. Moved spring 1881 to Man. Arrived Wpg July 1st. Went to Brandon before CPR was built. Purchased 240 acres at Bird's Hill.  Returned to Ont with the intention of staying there but, at the real estate boom in December, returned to Wpg, remaining that winter in real estate.  Next spring went to Brandon & estab. "Beresford Farm."  In 1882, the town of Beresford was named after this estab.  Raised stock & farmed, enterprise requiring about 7,000 acres. Subdivided property & sold. Estab 1892 Smithfield Stock Farm & resided there. Carried on farming & thoroughbred raising. Shipped stock throughout Territories, BC & western USA. Estab. several farms throughout prov. & sold to incoming settlers. One of the largest individual landowners & operators in prov. IOF, COF, AOUW, IOOF. Lib. Presby. In 1905, erected in Brandon 'one of the finest homes in Western Manitoba.' Married 1878 Margaret Hunter, London, Ontario, dau. of James Hunter (merchant, London, Ont.) & Mary Mclean, both of Armagh, Ire. The Hunters had come from Ire 1848 & & settled Middlesex Co. Hunter later retired to Gray, Durham Co.  John & Margaret had 5 children:  Archibald W.H., (grad. Manitoba Col - B.A., LL.B. & practiced in Virden with Hon. J.H. Agnew), Hunter (hardware merchant, Brandon), Stella (attending Manitoba Coll. 1906 and had 5 scholarships during her 3 yrs there), Beatrice and Laura.  (info taken from History of Manitoba by Prof. Geo. Bryce, 1906)

Strome, Isaiah R.
B. Oct 7, 1852 Blenheim Twp, Co. Oxford, Ont, son of John Root Strome (d. 1876 at 67 yrs) & Mary Rosenburg (d. 1903 at 92 yrs), both b. in Pennsylvania of German descent. The family emig, early 1800's to Can. shortly after they were married arriving on horseback - homesteaders of Oxford Co. Isaiah educ. Oxford Co. Left home at 18 yrs. Clerked in fruit store Galt, Ont 2 yrs. General merchandiser 1876-81 Harrison, Ont. Moved 1881 to Wpg. Employed by wholesale dry goods firm, Stobart, Sons & Co, Wpg.1 yr then, partnered with A. Kenney to purchase book store of H.S. Donaldson & Bro. Sold out to Kenney 1883. Purchased dry good bus of Logan & Henderson, Portage la Prairie. Operated under name of Strome & Henderson 2 yrs then purchased partner's interests. Summer of 1886 moved to Brandon. Estab. Strome & Whitelow (dry goods, farming supplies & gen, merc. - dissolved 1899). Bought Paisley, Miller & Carscaden (dry goods).  In 1890 one of incorporators & promoters of  Brandon Electric Light Co, 9.5 miles from Brandon at mouth of Little Saskatchewan River (pres. in 1897).  In 1906 in dry good business & owned about 2,500 acres of land  - 1,200 acres devoted to crops.  Owner of Lake Clement, located 10 Miles S of Brandon - outing place/summer resort.  Estab. branch stores at Rapid City & Wapella.  Alderman 9 yrs, Brandon Board of Trade. Lib. Presby. (member of board of managers). Married 1882 Mary I. Peffers, dau. of Neal P. Peffers of Glenallan, Ont.  Children (5):  Jessie Dunar, Bertha Maud, Ivan Roy, Charles Merle and Vivian Ruth. (taken from History of Manitoba by Geo. Bryce, 1906)

Thompson, Robert Schuyler
B. Sept 16, 1844 Lanark Co, Ont, son of Thomas Thompson, farmer & stone mason (d. 90 yrs of age) & Grace Schuyler, both of Lanarkshire, Scot who emig. Can early 1830's. Educ. in Lanark & Rockwood Academy, Co. Wellington, Ont.  At 17, left school & employed by London Publishing Co. Book & stationery bus, Toronto 1863-75. Sold out on account of failing health & spent next years at Georgian Bay & in Nipissing district, hunting & outdoor life. In 1879, fully recovered, moved to Man, coming to Crookstown, then Emerson via the Red River.  Homesteaded at Rock Lake near Pilot Mount 5 yrs - on the banks of Pembina River. Ferried settlers across the river in his canoe which was only one in district at that time.  One of 1st justices of the peace appointed in district. One of organizers of municipal council of Louise, then reeve & warden of cty.  Elected 1886 to leg. Moved to Glenboro. Engaged in lumber, furniture & agricul. impl. bus. until 1897.  Represented 1898 Westminster Publ. Co. from Manitoba to the Pacific coast.  Represented 1899-1904 Lond & Lanashire Life Ins. Co as inspector of agencies in Man. Moved 1904 Brandon. Real estate & fin agency. One of incorporators of Edrons Brandon Pressed Brick Co (pres & mging dir), St. Paul's Church, Brandon. Married 1881 Isabella Butchart, dau. of Wm. Butchart, formerly of Ont & early settler of Rock Lake district. Children (4):  Ernest W (traveling salesman, Hudson's Bay Knitting Co of Wpg and Mtl), Thomas Garnet (hardware business, Hamiota), Robert Harold (in business with father) and Helen (attending school in 1906).  (taken from History of Manitoba by Geo. Bryce, 1906)

Wilson, William
B. Mar 17, 1852 Co. Cavan, Ire, eld. son of Andrew Wilson & Elizabeth Thompson of Ire. Parents emig. 1863 NY but father died day after arrival leaving wife & 4 children. Brief period in NY then  family moved to Montreal, then to Leeds Co, Ont, finally settling in Gatineau, Ottawa Co, Que. Educ. at county schools of Ottawa Co. At 14 yrs. began blacksmith's trade. Journeyman at Gatineau to 1879 when moved to Man. Brought family out next year. Located Rat Portage & for 2 yrs employed by Keewatin Milling Co. Moved to Brandon. Started blacksmith shop. AOUW. Cons. Meth. Married 1873 Mary Anne McCann, dau. of Andrew McCann of Hinks, Ottawa Co.  Children (8):  Lizzie, Andrew, Elswood, Maud, Fanny May, William Maxwell, Robert Frederick and Ottawa Belle. (taken from History of Manitoba by Geo. Bryce, 1906)

Woodworth, Joseph Edward (Brandon)
Forefathers were U.E. Loyalists. Son  of B.B. Woodworth, Esq. of Canning NS.  B. in King's Co, NS Apr 26, 1837 and ed. there. Married Apr 3, 1859 Nancy W. Cox. Formerly a shipbuldier in NS. Now merch. & real estate broker. First returned to Parlt. at last g.e.  A Conservative & Ministerialist. - Brandon, Man. (The Canadian parliamentary companion, 1883 / edited by J.A. Gemmill)