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The Chronicles of Crandall history book was complied by the Crandall History Society and
published in 1971.  The book covers the original districts settled in the area known as Carlingville, Palmerston, Scotia and Chumah.These districts were settled in 1882, a number of years before    the village of Crandall was established.
  The 1872 Free Land Homestead Act encouraged people from eastern provinces to go west.  The promise of a homestead looked inviting and from the towns such as St. Mary's, Campbell's Cross, London, Woodham, Palmerston, and Kirkton, Ontario, they departed for the west to begin the present district of Crandall.
The railroad had been built to Brandon and from there they traveled by horse, some with oxen, and many on foot, searching for a homestead. This was a typical quarter section of land which thehomesteader was required to occupy for six months of the year.  He also had to make improvements such as put up a place of abode, break the sod, etc.
       In the winter of 1882, Benjamin Doupe, Joseph Kirk, Hiram Schmidt, and Thomas Borland left Kirkton and St. Mary's Ontario for western Manitoba.  They followed the trail of earlier pioneers to Hamiota, and moved on past as most of the land had already been homesteaded.  They took up their homesteads in the area that would become known as Carlingville.
  Gradually more settlers began to arrive and such names as the Marks, Johnstons, Crawfords, Rudds, Coxes, Henderson, Hamiltons, Finleys, Irvines, Flemings, Eyers, Stewarts, and Hunts became familiar. Other families soon arrived, the Alfred Dickeys, Samuel Shiers, Samuel Richardsons, and the Ralph Lees.  They were closely followed by Jesse Shiers, Herbert Johnston, Luther Switzer, Ed and Crawford Vances, Crandells, Cowlings, Gunsons, Robinsons and Kennedys.  These people had settled in the Carlingville district before the turn of the century.
                 The Palmerston District, which is located five and a half miles southwest of Crandall, also saw settlers arriving in 1882.  Family names such as Warren, Wallace, Kidd, Hyndman, Douglas and Fennell dot the map.  Many of these early settlers were from Palmerston, Ontario, especially the Warrens, and thats how the district got its name.  They took up their homesteads, building houses from logs taken from the Assiniboine Valley.
                 A group of farm families who had been living on rented farms in the vicinity of St. Mary's, Ontario, decided to pull up stakes and head for Manitoba.  They came west, took up homesteads in what was to become the Scotia district.   They soon were busy building shelters for their families and livestock.

                 The Chumah community began in 1883 with the pioneers coming largely from Huron County, Ontario.  Names such as the Kirks, Hazelwoods, Andrews, Lewis, and Stewarts were the early settlers of this district. How little the early settler realized, that they were making history and that the homesteads they selected would be the homes of their children and grandchildren and down on through the generations.
                 In 1899 the North West Central Railway Company extended the railway through this area to Hamiota.  A year later it was purchased by the Canadian Pacific Railway Company.  The people of the district were so thrilled at having a railway for transportation, that they gave up land for the right of way and helped in many ways.  The construction gang camped on land own by Morley Crandell.  Mr. Crandell cut a path through his field of green wheat to where the town
                 of Crandall now stands so that rails could be laid.  Dr. Crandell was living with his son Morley at the time and he became friends with the superintendent.  Because of this the superintendent gave the town the name of Crandell, which was later changed to Crandall.  A station was built and a telegraph office opened in 1900.

The Chronicles of Crandall contains a number of interesting articles which I have listed below.

Prologue to Settlement
Manitoba Rivers
The Arrow River
Surveys and Grants
Municipal Council

History of Carlingville
The Second  Carlingville School
   Memories of Old Carlingville School Days
Stories of Old Carlingville
History of Palmerston Church
Memories of Palmerston
Palmerston Playgrounds
The Palmerston Pals Club
Palmerston School No. 638
Memories of Teachers
Pearl E. Warren (Jackson)
Lydia Bowles (Rivers)
Elizabeth Bray (McLenehan)
Muriel Paynter
Mabel Mylrea
Evelyn Barrett (Miss MacPherson)
Mrs. H.S Meyers
Palmerston Cairn
Scotia Community
Maple Shade School
Chumah Community
Chumah School District No. 401

The Growth of Crandall

Mail Service
Doctors and Hospitals
Transcanada Pipelines Limited
The Town Council
Law and Order
Town of Crandall Churches
Sunday School
Crandall Choir
Women's Missionary Society
Church Groups
Crandall Cemetery
The Canadian Legion
Roll of Honor
Crandall School
Businesses - General
Businesses - Other
Crandall Rinks
Crandall Sports
Centennial Celebrations
  * includes an small write up and photographs

Golden Weddings
 * only photographs
 Family Histories
 * as listed below

Names from the Crandall area, to find out more email Donna

Adams, Robert J. 
Amy, Frederick Wm. 
Amy, Wellington 
Amy, Roy 
Anderson, Fred 
Andrew, George 
Andrew, Thomas Henry 
Angus, George 
Angus, James 
Ariss, George 
Avery, Elmer 
Bacon Family 
Badgley, Ryerson 
Banman Family 
Bardwell, W.E. 
Barnes, Mr.& Mrs. Ernest 
Beasom, James 
Beer, Mrs. James 
Bell, Mrs. Ethel
Bell, William 
Bill, Rev. Wm. 
Bing, Jim 
Blair, Robert John 
Bolton, E. 
Bomford, Claude 
Borland Family 
Bowes, David 
Brady, Rev. Wm. T. 
Bray, John 
Brown, R.J. 
Budd, William J. 
Butler, John 
Cadwallader, Ed 
Campbell, Wm. H. 
Cann, Rev. W.F. 
Carruthers, Rev. A.I.A. 
Clarke, Jack T. 
Clubley, Andrew
Coburn, William 
Colbeck, George Sr. 
Colbeck, Walter 
Collyer, Jos. Henry 
Congdon, George H. 
Cooper, George H. 
Coveney, Ron 
Cowling, Wm. Sr. 
Cowling, Dan 
Cowling, William 
Cox, Wm. Henry 
Crandell, Dr. Byron 
Crandell, Mr. Morley 
Crandell, Willoughby 
Crawford, James 
Davidson, Henry 
Denner, J. Frank 
Dickey, Alfred 
Dickey, Roland 
Dickey, A.B.C.
Dickey, Claude 
Dixon, Humphrey 
Dnistranski, John 
Doran, Thomas Edison 
Douglas, Donald 
Douglas, Thos. Family 
Douglas, William 
Douglas, James 
Douglas, Robert 
Douglas, Thomas 
Douglas, George 
Doupe, Benj. Hartwell Sr. 
Doupe, Gordon 
Doupe, Benj. Hartwell Jr. 
Doupe, Stan
Eastcott, Edward 
Eyer, Abraham 
Eyer, William 

Fennell, S.F. 
Ferris, Alex. Lynn 
Ferris, Dave 
Finkbeiner, J.T. 
Finley, John 
Finley, Milton G. 
Fleming, Robert 
Fowlie, Anges 
Forster Family 
Frame, Edna Laura 
Fraser, Dr. J.H. 
Fraser, Percy 
Friebert, Rev. Anthony

Goddard, Mrs. Belle 
Goodfellow, Wm. Henry 
Gow, Rev. Robert 
Grant, Malcolm 
Gray, Charles 
Gray, George 
Gray, Cliff 
Gray, Hugh W. 
Gray, Ivan 
Groves, Mr.& Mrs. Albert 
Gunson, John Family 

Hall, Herald 
Hamilton, James 
Hamilton, Thomas 

Hanna, Ike H. 
Harcus, John 
Hazelwood, Geo. Wesley 
Hazelwood, Wm. John 
Haelwood, Ed. 
Henderson, Mr.& Mrs. Archibald 
Henderson, George Robert 
Henderson, James Edgar 
Henderson, David 
Henderson, Nelson 
Hill, William J. 
Hubbard, Carroll, Wilby 
Hunkin, Larry 
Hunt, Adam 
Hutchison, Sr. Mr.& Mrs.George 
Hyndman, John 
Hyndman, Harvey S. 
Hyndman, Wm. E. 
Hyndman, Wallace 
Hyndman, Grant
Irvine, Thomas H. 
Irvine, John 
Irvine, Albert 
Irvine, William G 

Jarrett, Tom 
Johns, Wilbur Thomas 
Johnson, Morgan 
Johnston, Jacob Families 
Johnston, Miss Annette 
Johnston, Denton L. 
Johnston, W.H. 
Johnston, Garnet 
Johnston, Herbert V. 
Johnston, Brian 
Jones, Harry 

Kennedy, Thomas J. 
Kerr, D.P. 
Kidd, Wm Sr. 
Kidd, Thomas

Kidd Robert McLeod 
Kidd, Joe 
Kidd, Wm. Jr. 
Kirk, Mary 
Kirk, David & Sarah 
Kirk, Harold 
Kirk, Samuel 
Kirk, W.R. 
Kirk, Ira 
Kirton, W.H. 
Kitz, Robert 
Koch, John 
Kolac, John 

Laird, Samuel 
Lansing, Wm. 
Lawn, Sidney Geo. 
Lawrence, Bertram K. 
Lawrence, B. Ivan 
Lawson, Joseph 
Lee, Ralph W.

Lee, Charles R. 
Lee, Donald 
Lee, John William 
Lelond, Homer 
Levins Family 
Lewis, John James 
Lewis, William 
Lewis, Charles Wesley 
Lewis, Sidney S. 
Lewis, Rodney 
Lipscomb, Leonard 
Lipscomb, David John 
Lobban, John 
Long, Walter John 
Love, George W. 

MacGarva, Mrs. G.C. 
MacMartin, Robert 
Mark, Edwin 
Mark, Philip Wesley 
Mark, Earl 
Matheson, R. 
Matthews, William A. 
McArthur, Duncan 
McConnell, Milton

McCoubery, John 
McDonald, John 
McGhee, John 
McKinnon, John 
McLean, Matthew 
McPherson, Adam Sharpe 
McWhirter, Thomas 
Meyers, John 
Miles, Frank 
Mitchell, James 
Mizener, L.L. 
Morison, Fred 
Morison, Pat 
Morison, James 
Murdoch, John 
Murdoch, Peter 
Murdoch, William 
Murray, James 
Murray, Peter 
Musgrove, James Albert 

Nankivell, Wm. Edwin 
Nankivell, Wm. Geo. 
Nelson, Laurence 
Noble, James 
Norrie, John

O'Conner, Ray 

Padfield, George 
Partridge, Murray 
Pearson, Rev. T.B. 
Petch, Herbert 
Phillips, Mrs. Geo 
Pittendreigh, Sr. Wm. 
Preston, Frank 

Quinn, Joseph 

Radley, Rev. Arthur 
Reddon, William 
Reevie, Harvey 
Richardson, Samuel 
Ritchie, William 
Rivers, J.F. 
Rivers, Wesley 
Robb Family 
Robinson, James 
Robinson, Gilbert 
Robinson, Wm. John 
Robus, Stephen 
Rockley, Jack 
Ross, Alexander 
Ross, Arthur

Ross, Robertson 
Routledge, William 
Rowles, Thomas 
Rudd, Richard 
Rudd, John W.B. 
Rudd, Anthony 
Rudd, Les 
Runchey, Robert 

Schmidt, George 
Schoch, Robert 
Shetler, Mr.& Mrs. J.S. 
Shier, Samuel 
Shier, Edward 
Shier, Jesse S. 
Shier, Clarence 
Shier, C. Gerald 
Shoemaker, Jock 
Simpson, Mr.& Mrs. Harry 
Smith, John

Smith, James 
Smith, John 
Smith, Newton 
Smith, Herbert 
Smith, Jack K. 
Smuttell, Michael 
Steen, Geraldine 
Stevenson, Allan 
Stevenson, Marjorie (Doupe) 
Stewart, John G. 
Stewart, William H. 
Stewart, Rev. Dr. Charles H. 
Stewart, Rev. Dr. Rupert 
Stewart, Jane 
Strachan, Lou 
Switzer, Luther 
Svoboda, Joe 
Taylor, William 
Teal, Fred 
Thompson, John 
Tindall, George W. 
Todd, James 
Todd, George David 
Todd, Alice Estella 
Tutkaluke, Stan
Van Buskirk, Tom 
Van Buskirk, Wm. E. 
Vance, John Crawford 
Vance, Matthew Edward 
Walker, William 
Walker, Jim 
Wallace, Wm. Perry 
Wallace, Perry 
Wallace, Harvey 
Wallace, Neil 
Warren, Albert 
Warren, Peter 
Warren, Joseph 
Warren, Js. Wellington 
Warren, John Nixon 
Warren, Percy S. 
Warren, Ernest Melville 
Warren, Wm. C.M. 
Watters, Richard Lawr. 
Webber, E.J. 
Webber, Norman
Webber, Reginald J. 
Welsh, Robert 
White, Gordon 
White, William J. 
Whitney Family