Contributors to the Manitoba Pages

Bette Kosmolak
       Bette lives in BC, and contributes a great deal to these pages. She is also the co-owner
of the westmanitoba mail list.

Diane Rogers
    Diane will do lookups in the Newdale area. She also lives in B.C.

Drew Howard
    Drew has made an offer to do lookups of areas around McCreary, Glenhope and Sunville.

Joyce (Unick) Simms
    Joyce has made offers of lookups, in the Ethelbert and Pine River areas.

    Nicole will do marriage lookups in Manitoba.

Pat Sherman
    "Neepawa: Land of Plenty (1881-1983)"  This is the big book, with lots of family biographies.
    "Kelwood: Bridges the Years (1890-1967)"  Plenty of short bios in this one, too.
    "First Century of Langford"  Appendix only.  This gives ownership lists for every quarter section within the municipality,
    from the time each    was first patented.  For FCL lookups, requesters must provide Section, Township & Range,
    numbers in S-T-R-(quarter,     or part of quarter) format.
    For any lookup, the header should be formatted "Lookup: SURNAME (Neepawa)"

Randi Bender
      Randi has volunteered to do lookups, and has assisted folks researching Kelwood and area.
Randi also maintains the Saskatoon GenWeb page.

Lorene Lyle
    Lorene does lookups in the Makaroff  area.

Heather Brewster
    Heather says "I have just started my own genealogy business here, but am not looking to do this for a fee. Just want to help."
Heather has lived all her life in Pilot Mound.