Minnedosa Valley Views
100th Anniversary
    On August 18, 1975 the council of Minnedosa appointed the first Centennial Committee to make plans for the 100th anniversary in 1983. The book goes on to tell
about the history of Minnedosa and the surrounding area. All very fascinating and
very interesting reading. I have a copy of this particular book and would try to do
look ups if requested.
    I also have a copy of "Forest To Field", a history of Rural Municpality of Clanwilliam
and The Village of Erickson. I would also do look ups in this book as well.
    You can email your request to Bill Richards. I will do what I can in my spare time.
Anyone with a good idea for this and other associated pages are encouraged to submit
their ideas, also to Bill Richards. Lets make this page the best.

I have various records (cemetery , business records and lodges) for McCreary and
surrounding townships.  They are the following:
a)  McCreary RC Parish Cemetery:1905-Sept 1987
b) McCreary Municipal Cemetery:  From 1898-1911 as the Orange Lodge and =
1924-1987 as McCreary Municipal.
c) McCreary Business listings 1909
d)  McCreary Agricultaural Society Exhibition Prize Winners 1919
e)  McCreary Masonic Lodge -Lodge Masters 1921-87
f ) Glenhope- Ukranian Greek Catholic Church of St Mary cemetery =
g)  Sunville-Holy Resurrection Ukranian Greek Orthodox Church cemetery  =
1917-81.  NB  Several graves are unmarked
 h)  Sunville- St Peter & St Paul Ukranian Catholic Church: cemetery =
list 1912-87.
       Also partial member list of 1919-30.
If anyone would like a lookup, you can Email me.  Please include all pertinent details.


I have received a book called "In Rhythm With Our Roots" A History of Manitou &
area. I would be pleased to do any lookups for anyone needing information in
this area. The book was produced by the Manitou citizens and is very
professionally done. It has approx. 950 pages of early pictures and family
histories of Manitou from the 1800's to about 1985.

Ron Harmer

 We have a copy of Newdale: 1870-1970, published by the Newdale Historical Society in 1970, to celebrate Manitoba's centennial.  (Newdale is in the Rural Municipality of Harrison.) This history has many short family 'biographies', as well as information about Newdale
businesses, schools, etc, and some maps.  I'd be happy to do lookups.
 M. Diane Rogers, Burnaby, British Columbia, B.C.
I also have copies of the M.G.S. cemetery listings for Newdale -Oldale Cemetery & the Municipal Cemetery which I'm willing to check for people, and I have a copy of Forest to Field too,  & could do lookups for Erickson.


Jan 24/99
I now have the Minnedosa Cemetary Pages & would be happy to do lookups
for the Neepawa Cemetary & Minnedosa Cemetary. As well I have some rural
municipality records also. Please ensure enquiries include: Cemetary
Lookup in the Subject line.
email to Lynn  rfward@telusplanet.net

 I have a copy of "Hold Back the Dam" the story of the May 4, 1948
collapse of the Minnedosa Spillway.  The book is not indexed but I am willing to do lookups as I can if you know your ancestor lived in Minnedosa at that time.
Bette Kosmolak
Victoria BC

Just ran across "An Architectural Walking Tour of Neepawa" among my books and would be willing to do lookups from this book. In most cases, the info is minimal but surnames include: Davidson, Hamilton, Birch, Wakefield, Kellington, Crawford, Harfrod, Simpson, Dunwoody, Craig, McClure, Pedlar, Wemyys, King, Currie,
Wickenden, Kerr, Hooper,Curran, Mack, Guinn, Fiedlhouse, Roberts, Howden, Dunlop, Peter, Elliott, Horsburgh, MacDonald, Townson, Kaye,McKone, Berry, Merriman, Boyle, Pratt.
Bette Kosmolak

Apr 12/99
Will gladly do lookups on Ellice book. Also, I have the R.M. of Riverside and the St. Felix de Valois centennial books. We lived in Dunrea, Mb. for 14 years so these last 2 books have quite a good selection of history. I've helped with the translation (French to English and vice versa) in the St. Felix book. My name is somewhere in the front section  and my family is in it too. We are the only Descottes here in Canada. How's that for a historical fact. I've also done genealogy of 3 families for someone in Dunrea. That got me hooked on genealogy.

Dec 30/02
I have these books for look-ups:
1) Binscarth Memories (History of Binscarth, Manitoba
including family histories).
2) Riverside Heritage (History of Dunrea, Margaret &
Ninette and family histories)
3) St. Felix de Valois R.C. Church in Dunrea, Manitoba
and family histories
4) Ellice 1883-1983 (History of St. Lazare, Manitoba;
Ellice Municipality, Fort Ellice and family histories)
PLUS I have these cemetery transcripts of:
Dunrea (Catholic cemetery for now); St. Lazare;
McAuley; Binscarth; Blenheim's St. Alban in Birtle; and
Zion United Cemetery in Fowwarren.

Apr 13/99
Manitoba: A History by W.L. Morton, U of M Press, 1955.  Mainly a history of Manitoba as it changed from a fur-bearing territory to an agriculturally-based province. Covers 1612-1955.  Not a lot of surnames but some, particularly if the folk were political or influential.

Aug 30/99
75 Years - Neepawa, Land of Plenty by A.F. (Dick) McKenzie, published 1958. Brief history of the first 75 years of Neepawa - lots of surnames linked to memberships in societies, sports clubs, civic affairs, etc. Willing to do lookups in the above book - only 100 pages so I've read it and made a list of all the surnames and which pages they are mentioned on.

Jan 16/2000
Kelwood: I bought the book "Kelwood Bridges the
Years 1890-1967" when I was there this summer and I can do look-ups in it.
It is a extremely well written book, a lot of local and family history. I
think there are books still available for purchase.
Email : Randi Bender

Jun 30/00
Hi!  I'm originially from Neepawa, Manitoba.  Was born there 1945 left 1965 to seek my fortunes out west in beautiful BC.  I live in Terrace. I own 3 volumes of the Heritage books for Lansdowne, Neepawa and Miami districts.  I also have access to the Gladstone book.  I might be a bit slow at replys right now as I am very busy. My grandfather came to the Arden district in 1905 and my father's family came to Miami in 1898.
Helen Haselmeyer

Oct 16/00
I will do look ups from these two history books ;
Killarney, Manitoba - "Turtle Mountain Municipality"
Stonewall, Manitoba - "Rockwood Municipality"
Marlene Hartle    Marlene Hartle

Apr 19/01
I have a copy of "Between Mountain and Lake" .It is " A History of Ochre River Rural Municipality 1885-1970". I would be happy to look up any relative who lived in the Ochre River -Makinak area.
Joyce Collins   mailto:jcollins@interlynx.net

Oct 21/01
I have a copy of Our Story to 1984:  one hundred year of working together, the R.M. of Strathclair.  I would be most happy to do lookups for anyone.  Betty Kirby

Jan 20/02
I can do cemetery lookups from a book of McCreary records.  The cemeteries I can check are McCreary RC Parish Cemetery, McCreary Municipal Cemetery, St. Paul's Lutheran (McCreary), McCreary Mennonite Church, Ukrainian Greek
Catholic Church of St. Mary (Glenhope), Holy Resurrection Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church (Sunville) and St. Peter & St. Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church (Sunville).  There are also records of McCreary veterans from WWI, WWII and Korean War.  Some McCreary families contributed their family histories to this book.  This book was published in 1989, so I cannot check more recent deaths. Drew Howard

Mar 10/03
I have recently moved to Rossburn MB and am very much interested in genealogy.  My Ukrainian grandparents settled in Rossburn around 1917, and had a family of 15 - one of them still lives here.  I would be willing to do look-ups for the area.  I have been to the Library to see there selection of local history books - quite a few considering the size of the community.  I would also be willing to gather cemetery info come nicer weather.
Gayle Strank

Apr 05/03
I have several Manitoba History books and I'd be willing to look-up family information in my spare time. The list is as follows:

Altona/Winkler--"The Rural Municipality of Rhineland Volost & municipality 1884-1984"
Belmont/Hilton--"Strathcona- Portrait of a Prairie Municipality". Published in Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the United Churches of Belmont & Hilton, Manitoba, Canada.
Birtle-- "A View of the Birdtail"- A History of the Municipality of Birtle, the Town of Birtle and the villages of Foxwarren & Solsgirth.1878- 1974.
Cartwright--"Memories Along the Badger." A Story of the Village of Cartwright, Manitoba, seventy-five years of our history, 1885-1960.
Cartwright--"Memories Along the Badger, Revisited." Cartwright & District 1885-1985.
Elkhorn--"Steel and Grass Roots." 1882-1982.
Emerson/Dominion City--"R.M. of Franklin turns a Century." 1883-1983.
Fisher Branch--"A Place of our Own." A history of no ordinary People- Zbaraz, Broad Valley, Kilkenny, Sleeve Lake, Fisherton, Harwell, Lee Lake, Hodgson & Marble Ridge.
Hargrave--"Binding Our District." In memory of the pioneers of Boss Hill, Hargrave, Pacific, Parkland, Reaper & Springvale. 1989.
Holmfield--"By the Old Mill Stream." A History of the Village of Holmfield & District, 1982.
Kenton--"Cradle to combine." 1881- 1981.
Killarney--"Then? and ?Now." Stories from Early Days of Killarney and Turtle Mountain, 1957.
Killarney--"Trails and Crossroads To Killarney." The story of pioneer days in Killarney and Turtle Mountain District, 1967.
Killarney--"Reflections." Turtle Mountain Municipality and Killarney, 1882- 1982.
Kola--"Kola Korner." An attempt to record the Kola Story and to pay tribute to the people who have been part of it.
Mather--"Crocus Country." A history of Mather & surrounding Districts.
MacGregor -- "Through Fields and Dreams", a history of the R.M. of North Norfolk and MacGregor.
Ninette--"And So...Ninette, 1879- 1919" by Eva Calverley.
Oak Lake--"Ox Roads to Blacktop"
Pipestone--"Trails Along The Pipestone"
Strathclair--"One Hundred Years of Working Together, 1884- 1984" Strathclair, Manitoba- Our Story to 1984--Elphinstone, Menzie, Keeseekoowenin, Wisla, Strathclair,, Glossop, Glenforsa & Ipswich.
Virden--"Virden Review, 1970."
Virden--"Anecdotes and Updates." Virden Centennial 1982
Virden--"Hometown Virden Pioneers and Progress" 2000.


Feb /05
I have  "Bridging the Years  1867-1967 - Griswold Centennial Booklet"
History of Griswold as well as histories of the early Pioneers.  I would be happy to do look-ups.

Jeannie Remington

Patricia Sherman
Please post notice that I will do the following lookups:
"Neepawa: Land of Plenty (1881-1983)"  This is the big book, with lots of family biographies.
"Kelwood: Bridges the Years (1890-1967)"  Plenty of short bios in this one, too.
"First Century of Langford"  Appendix only.  This gives ownership lists for every quarter section within the municipality, from the time each was first patented.  For FCL lookups, requesters must provide Section, Township & Range, numbers in S-T-R-(quarter, or part of quarter) format.

For any lookup, the header should be formatted "Lookup: SURNAME (Neepawa)"


Dec 06/98