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This page is for all your ancestors that were married in Manitoba.
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To the firefighters that died in active duty


Quinn  Lawrence      Jun 14,1990       Winnipeg
McRae  Peter          Jun 09,1915        Winnipeg
McLLagga  William   Feb 02,1921       Winnipeg
Melville  Donald        Dec 23,1926       Winnipeg
Smith  Arthur             Dec 23,1926       Winnipeg
Stewart  Robert         Dec 23,1926       Winnipeg
Shearer  Robert S     Dec 23,1926       Winnipeg
Sandison,  Frank         May 24,1945      Winnipeg
Hebenton,  Andrew      Jan 22,1955       Winnipeg

Lessard, Harold A.        Feb 04, 2007       Winnipeg

Nichols, Thomas William   Feb 04, 2007   Winnipeg