Pioneers of Manitoba
If your ancestors were a part of Manitoba. Either born
or died in Manitoba, then you could list them here. Email me with the first and last name, the place of either
the Manitoba birth or death, and the year of the event.
I have listed the names of the women by maiden name, as those who are searching
out ancestors may not always be aware of the marriage connection, if in fact there
was one. Those that are shown as a married name with a "( )" indicate that the maiden
name was unknown.
I will be placing your name and email as the source of the information,
and those seeking to find out more about your information will be able
to email you with questions concerning your ancestors.
In most cases, the names will be followed by a newspaper
reference, which one could find the orginal obit, if they contacted the newspaper.
As usual, the accuracy is questionable, and these pages should only be used as
a starting place for further research.
If your having trouble make sence of the pioneer pages, please
write me and I will clarify where I can.
Good luck in your search, click
or use the search engine below and enter your ancestors name.
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